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Havingness Tool Is Necessary for Healing

Havingness Tool Is Necessary for Healing

Giving To Others Comes Easy and Natural

Practice Giving To Yourself for Healing

Giving is great! When done in the right attitude, it gives us joy, contentment and gratitude. Many people practice giving to others on a daily basis. What we don’t do is practice giving love, affection, or attention to ourselves.

Clients often express their struggles and what I often see is that they Read more:

It's Not Over Yet.. Powerful Times

It's Not Over Yet.. Powerful Times

Life Has Its Way Of Taking You Where It Wants 

Being Directed Towards Life's Goals and Purpose

THE INFLUX OF ENERGY is still very strong…as it awakens powerful drives within us and directing us toward fulfilling our life goals and purpose

Many old patterns and existing life structures are dismantling. This opens us for more fulfillment and offers to empower us in many ways. You may Read more:

Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing

Quantum Physics Explains How It Works

Wireless Technology At Its Best

Spiritual or energy healing practices have a long history going over millennia and accounts have recorded from all the major cultures of the past. Although in the West its practice has been suppressed, there has been a revival and many more people are beginning to understand that spiritual or energy healing is a Read more:

Why You Need To Use Energy Tools

Why You Need To Use Energy Tools

Making Life More Fun With Less Struggle

Right Tools For the Right Job

There are many approaches on the spiritual path but like anything in life, using appropriate tools will make the process infinitely more efficient. Most of us today are so busy we don’t have the time to explore and we want instant success. Meditation, using the right set of tools, makes life easier and more fun.

Read more:

Wellness Week Ritz Carlton Dubai

ritz_wellness_weekWellness Week - Ritz Carlton Dubai

Register to Attend FREE - April 12-18, 2015

The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai brings together Amirah Hall and other industry experts to inspire healthy living.

Enjoy seven days of engaging workshops and masterclasses covering healthy eating, stress mastery, detox, meditation and yoga, kids’ meals, skincare and pilates to name a few. Take a step towards lifestyle improvements for you and your family. REGISTER Free to ATTEND