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Amirah Hall

offers healing with energy techniques, teaching people worldwide how to heal with energy using energy exercises healing
for relationships, love, wealth and success. San Diego, CA

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Quantum Energy Consultations are an Interpretation, clearing and analysis of the individual energy field.

Quantum Energy Consultation can be for individuals, corporate consultations, legal affairs, relationships and destiny matters.

Meditation and coaching courses / workshops to improve and develop the human potential and intuition, designed specifically for individuals, companies and institutions.

Quantum Energy Consultations offer assistance in opening, connecting and understanding one’s energy and inner essence.

Conferences/seminars are oriented towards the development and enhancement of the inner essence and life potential.

Quantum Energy Consultation neutralize and reduce the effect of negative energies and influences.

Both private and group consultations can be held in person or via Skype and are available worldwide. The quality and price per session remains the same, whether remote or in person.

VIP Experience
Congratulations on making the choice to live 100% authentic! You’ll be so happy to have the Quantum Healing and a special focus on your most urgent improvements in your VIP Mentoring Sequence. Both the in-person and the remote healing provide experiences that are extraordinary and memorable.

These are valued, extensive and extraordinary Quantum Energy sessions. Arrangements are made weeks in advance and this day is reserved for you.


How to prepare for your session

Dress comfortably

Create a tranquil, nurturing and beautiful environment
Prepare a peaceful cozy environment; turn off the alarms, computer and ringers. Let technology rest and be at peace. Do not drive or clean house or handle problems while receiving the healing.

Have a light meal, like a fresh salad or wrap handy and drink plenty of water, 2 oz every half hour is ideal.

Your phone
This is a long session so you may choose to use a head set, please do not use speaker phones, I likely will need to because my hands are often involved with the healing, however two phones on speaker can make it very unpleasant for me. Make sure your p phone is fully charged prior to the call and just in case, have a back up source.

What to Expect After
After several hours of regeneration you will expect to feel clear and refreshed, and you will need a good amount of rest. Although you will be tempted to push the next few days, you may chose to enjoy a few leisure days off. The more you sleep and rest the stronger the cell growth will be.

Begin a habit of 6-8 glasses of purified water daily for at least 3 months.

No No’s
No Alcohol or drugs, including over the counter medications. (This includes any headache or pain relieve over the counter medications – Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.) No smoking and preferably no foods with preservatives. Best to eat from the outer rim of the grocery store, colorful fruits and veggies, and light protein.


You are beginning a new journey of increased energetic vibrancy and in many ways you are growing fresh new cells much like an infant. If you could imagine how you would love and care for a newborn baby and incorporate some of that into your life it will help so much in the new vitality

  1. No violent movies, no adrenaline thrill rides, no roller coasters.
  2. Listen to beautiful music, spa music, classical music, uplifting music.
  3. Be careful of your language, we have removed the black magic, remember to keep your conversations about yourself and your health upbeat.
  4. Live in a constant state of gratitude and appreciation. This helps with setting new physical emotional spiritual and mental patterns.

What’s next
Continue to use your pre-work meditations. I will have likely supplied you with several additional meditations to maintain your healing.

Maintain your exercise if you have not been in the habit of exercising, if this is a new idea for you, please add 2 days of stretching or yoga, 3 – 4 days of walking or cardio and 2 days of light weights, you can choose to double up and get two forms of exercise in one day.

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Six Important Reasons to Choose Amirah Hall

  • Quality Training

    Amirah offers simple, easy techniques that create quantum energetic shifts and transformation.

  • Safe, Dependable, Professional

    Together we restore, transform and rejuvenate you to your authentic state of well-being in a ‘done for you’ experience

  • Quick Start Transformation

    Each program offers streamline approach to get you started quickly and easily. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced users!

  • Fool-Proof Formula

    The Quantum Energy Tools, techniques and approach used in these programs offer powerful and reliable results.

  • Surefire Results

    Integrating Quantum Energy Tools can create transformational changes and miraculous results.

  • Amazing Support

    We strongly believe we provide a World Class and Cosmic Support. Be sure to check the testimonials for the amazing results.

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