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Amirah Hall

offers healing with energy techniques, teaching people worldwide how to heal with energy using energy exercises healing
for relationships, love, wealth and success. San Diego, CA

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amirah hall clairvoyant training DSC 1979 850x386Learn the Secrets Behind Clairvoyant Reading in 12 Weeks

Get Expert Professional Mentoring for Guaranteed Results!

Imagine how your life would be if you interacted with the other 96% of 'invisible' energy.
Imagine you have a master key opening your 5-sense ‘perception prison’ unleashing the power hidden within?

What you need is a fool-proof formula and practical steps to access information stored within ‘invisible’ energy. Whether you are someone who wants to augment and enhance their current skill set or desire to learn a brand new skill set of intuitive arts, you want to ensure you receive the best training possible. Getting individualized training that meets your personal healing goals and spiritual growth can increase your level of clairvoyant proficiency.

Professional clairvoyant training offers you support with your personal healing goals and is a path to advancing your own spiritual growth. With (12) personal instruction sessions you will discover the tools and skills necessary to become Clairvoyant. These are tools that you can use to cleanse your own aura and release pain and negative energy from your space.

Going Beyond Your 5-Senses into a New Life

This training is personalized to meet your needs and focused entirely on your clairvoyant development and spiritual growth. As an intensive comprehensive training program, you work a large amount of energy and expand your intuitive abilities. It’s my commitment to work with people who want to make a difference in their lives and to help others as well.

We work together on the phone on a day and time that is suitable for each of us. All sessions are recorded and provide a source for review during and after your training. There is a small amount of homework and exercises that are personalized for you that assist you in developing your intuition and skill set.

As your personal mentor, I work with you personally during the course of 12 weeks, each session per week lasting between 1.0 to 2 hours long. The overall goal is to bring you to a level of proficiency and confidence in your clairvoyant skill level so you have what you need to begin practicing on your own. While you develop your intuitive skills, you also heal on an individual intuitive/healer level and raise your level to have your heart’s desires.

An Accelerated Program

Because this is an accelerated program you will be encouraged to meditate and use clairvoyant tools regularly. One hour a day of meditation is recommended. There is also required reading, but its actually very fun and exciting, so you'll enjoy it!

Typically the 1st and 2nd session involves a series of guided meditations and introduction to self-reading.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th combine self-reading/healing with "clairvoyantly looking" at people, either live or remote.

Depending on the students comfort level, by the 6th or 7th session, supportive volunteers might be brought on the phone so the student can practice on them under my supervision.

A couple sessions are usually spent learning remote viewing skills by reading objects, locations, and events both past, present and future.

Throughout the training the student learns how to improve communication with spirit guides, and learns how to protect themselves or deal with fear.

The Clairvoyant Training Program Includes:

  • 10 Training Sessions
  • Two Full Aura Reading and Clearing
  • Energy Check every week
  • Aura Cleansing every week
  • 1.5 - 2 Hour Clairvoyant Class every week
  • Trans-medium Healing Session

The cost is $2,995 for the full program. Each session is intense for both the student and myself, so I never work with more then one student per day. The program is comprehensive and teaches skills and provides experiences and enables transformation that is priceless.

The program is not homework intensive but students are encouraged to practice meditations and readings in between sessions as they enrich your experience

(8 weeks Program Also Available $1,995)

About the Program

When you start to work a lot of energy you will go into what are called "growth periods." These are experiences that have a fairly distinct energetic rawness and quality to them. This individualized training program is designed to optimize a manageable growth experience and exhaust you, yet still intense and powerful. This package ensures you will get the maximum benefit possible, while still feeling ready and excited to tackle your next growth period.

More Than 100 Clairvoyant Trainees

I have had more than 100 students graduate from this program. These include doctors, attorneys, housewives, counselors, acupucturists, psychologists, teachers, CEO's, college students and professional psychics. Several have chosen to take the course a second time, and one has now taken it 3 times just to continue practicing and because he enjoys it so much.

Amirah's International Students outside the United States

We can connect with Skype from almost every part of the world. It is necessary to have a good command of the English language.

If you are interested or have any questions about this program, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please tell me why you are interested in the program, your past experience, if any (not required at all!) your goals for the program and your general availability for sessions.


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Six Important Reasons to Choose Amirah Hall

  • Quality Training

    Amirah offers simple, easy techniques that create quantum energetic shifts and transformation.

  • Safe, Dependable, Professional

    Together we restore, transform and rejuvenate you to your authentic state of well-being in a ‘done for you’ experience

  • Quick Start Transformation

    Each program offers streamline approach to get you started quickly and easily. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced users!

  • Fool-Proof Formula

    The Quantum Energy Tools, techniques and approach used in these programs offer powerful and reliable results.

  • Surefire Results

    Integrating Quantum Energy Tools can create transformational changes and miraculous results.

  • Amazing Support

    We strongly believe we provide a World Class and Cosmic Support. Be sure to check the testimonials for the amazing results.

What Amirah's Clients Say