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Connect With Amirah for an Exciting Complimentary Session

What would you like to see DIFFERENT in your life?

Discover what are your biggest blocks to taking the steps you desire in your life and learn more about what working with Amirah will look like for you. Amirah will give you a clairvoyant snapshot of the biggest energetic hurdles hindering your progress and desires.

amirah hall free session DSC 1880 285x401A Free 30-Min Personal Private Energy Assessment Session.

This is a perfect introduction to one of this planet's really amazing Quantum Healers. You'll undertand more about Amirah and she will certainly understand more about. A free session is an excellent way to begin your voyage with Amirah, and is beneficial to you immediately.

One (1) FREE Energy Assessment Session

30 mins Phone or Skype with Amirah Hall

Includes free Mp3 recording


It's easy and simple to schedule a free session with Amirah. Just click "Schedule Now" above. Then set your time zone anywhere in the world. Amirah's Personal Healing Sessions are 9am to 7pm PST. You then select the date and time for your appointment. If you are in a time zone such as New York, Paris, Dubai, Bangkok, New Delhi, you will be offered your local timings. Then you simply fill in a little bit of personal information..., and confirm. Easy. You'll be happy you did.

amirah hall free session

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