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electric-blueClearing Chakras Creates Balance

Electric Blue Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Quantum physics describes the universe as energy. The physical body and the aura, the energy that surrounds the body is a multi-dimensional, multi-layered structure of energy. It’s like a storage device that stores information about different aspects of a person’s life.

The Aura

The Aura extends from the physical body through interconnected whirling doorways, wheels or vortexes of energy with each doorway corresponding to some aspect of your life. These wheels of whirling energy are called Chakras, a Sanskrit term meaning 'vortexes'.

chakra250x1787 Major Chakras

The seven main chakras originate in the physical body but also exist in all the layers of the aura. The speed and vibration level of the energy is increased with each level. Quantum physicists explain that human consciousness is manifested within the seven layers of the aura.

Clear Chakras Provide Natural Protection

Cleansing, aligning and balancing the chakras provides protection for you. Having clear chakras gives clarity and defines the layers of your aura. Having well defined layers of your aura, gives you space between you and all the other people and things you are involved with in your life so that you can create with less effort. Ultimately, you attract your desires with less effort, create balance and wellness in your life.

Increase Clarity, Confidence and Intuition

Practice this meditation as often as you can. Over time will notice increased clarity, confidence and intuition. You’ll begin to notice people see and treat you differently. Not to mention, you’ll kick the Law of Attraction into high gear.

Listen to A Sample of this Guided Meditation

You'll find this meditation at Amirah Hall's Online Store: Electric Blue Chakra Cleansing Guided Meditation

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