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nutrition_link_spiritual_awakeningRaise Energetic Vibration With Food

Eating Right to Heighten Your Intuition

As a spiritual being having a human experience, your spiritual journey includes food. My own food journey started back in the early 1990’s with my own “spiritual awakening” when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and my doctor gave me a prognosis of ‘death or wheelchair’. It was the shock of my life when he told me my condition was 'incurable'.

Shock of My Life

The shock of my life was that my doctor said my condition was ‘incurable’. Feeling like death-warmed over and having little mental or physical strength to sort out my limited options, a good friend of mine introduced me to what she was learning in acupuncture school about nutrition and its affect on our mental and physical health. In spite of the heavy dark cloud of depression pressing down on me, I surrendered to the possibility to a ‘nutritional holistic approach’ as my only ticket to survival. I wanted to live!

Fast-forward to 1998 when I had my true “spiritual awakening.” Somewhere between those two dates, I began to intuitively know that food and spirituality were connected. Then during my Near-Death Experience, I received the message of the importance of keeping the internal terrain of the physical body cleansed. My vision showed me that a balanced and healthy digestive system of the body was the ‘most important to vitality’. I was shown how the energy of emotional experiences throughout my life held inside my body needed release for true spiritual freedom.near_death_experience.jpg

Spirituality Food

After my Near-Death Experience, I knew instantly that food and the way my body processed it was connected to spirituality. Over the years, I continued to experiment with my own body, creating my best health and taking care of my body following my intuition. In doing so, my intuitive insight and clairvoyant abilities continued to expand into a driving force like a freight train pushing me toward answers. Creating your best health and taking care of your body is key when raising your vibration and living in the recent higher earth energies. To be able to maintain your higher vibration and to be able to connect with the higher energies and dimensions, treat your body as well as you can - feed it with

Your Body is a Temple

body_temple.jpgAs a spiritual being, your body deserves the best and highest quality food, water, and air. Feeding your body, mind and soul with fresh, whole, local organic foods that are prepared with Love, (raw or cooked) with alive spring water are best to nourish your body and being with higher vibration. Eating for my best health has been my passion since 1990. Since then I've studied, practiced and created my lifestyle of various “healthy diet” paradigms - vegetarian, veganism, living-raw food diet-lifestyle, whole foods, juice fasting, alkaline diet and detoxing.

Ever-Evolving Process of Discovery

Over the past twenty-two years, I followed other's paradigms at different times, experimenting and testing my own body on what others suggested for healthy healing eating. I searched for what would work best in my body. Learning a lot, at times my body went off-balance and my ‘healing symptoms’ looked more like ‘all hell symptoms’. For example, I tried a mainly fruitarian-with-some-greens raw food diet for a few months. This caused a fruit sugar overload for my system! Then, I tried a mucus-free diet (no fruits or sugars of any kind, dairy or nuts) always searching for what might work best for me to be the healthiest I could possibly be.

What Does My Body Want

Trust_yourself.jpgAs my energetic frequency increases and my conscious awareness expands, I realize that exclusively following what other health coaches teach might not be the best for me. Now, I tend to look within myself to truly feel inside my body and intuitively determine what foods my body requires by listening to my inner self and my body. It’s a continual process of opening to the best foods that feed my body, mind and soul.

Living-Raw Food Diet - A Detoxification Diet

Eating raw foods is detoxifying and if long-term, it can create ‘un-grounded-ness’. Although raw-living food is a wonderful way to open up to and connect to Source/Spirit, it can pose some challenges. It is best to listen to your body, feel what it needs and be open to change and adjustments as you progress.

Raising Your Vibration Frequency

raise_your_vibration.jpgThe less toxic your body is, the higher your vibrational frequency becomes. Having a body that is less toxic is physically and spiritually lighter. Love yourself and feed your body the highest quality fresh organic food that you can find. Add in more and more foods that detox the body over time. Detoxing Foods If you only eat foods that detoxify your body, such as doing a juice fast, you may have ‘healing symptoms’ such as body aches and pains, headaches, tiredness, and/or emotional outbreaks for a while. Increasing your input of higher vibrational foods (raw foods - fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc - have high life force energy), the old lower vibrational energies in your body will release in the form of physical detox and/or old emotional issues. These symptoms may vary or become extreme if your current diet is ‘unclean’ or you introduce more detoxifying foods to your body.

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My best advise over the long run is to take a gentle approach and begin eating cleansing foods and detoxify your body with a 4-week cleanse. Include juice fasting, colon cleansing with enemas and colonic irrigation.

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