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what_is_a_colon_cleanseColon Cleansing and Detoxing Removes Toxins

Accumulated Waste and Toxins Minimize Your Well-Being

Colon cleansing and detoxing is a period of time when you clean up our bodies by taking in far less toxins than normal. The less toxins we put in the better equipped the body is to release internal toxins. Colon cleansing deepens detoxing by specifically flushing the liver and cleansing your colon, removing old compacted waste from your colon and small intestines. Abstaining from digesting food and taking a special high fibre shakes for 3, 7 or 28 days you can remove the large build up of old waste matter that is lying in your colon that is not allowing necessary nutrients to be absorbed.


Even if you experience several daily bowel eliminations, every day, not all toxins or waste is eliminated. Accumulated waste in the colon can affect any your organs at any time. Organ tissues are only as healthy as the blood that feeds them and the blood is only as clean as the bowel from which our nutrients are supplied. Routinely taking in more than the body has the capacity to process (and/or substances the body can’t easily process) causes an excess build inside the colon walls and eventually in cells and tissues throughout the body. Learn about raw enzyme packed nutrition, listening to your body and what it needs and how to cleanse your colon is offered in Detox Coaching or the Thailand Detox Tour.  The Detox Tour offers a week full of knowledge from Amirah Hall and the detox experts including a library of Books and DVDs.

About Amirah's Detox Expertise

After being diagnosed with a 'death or wheel-chair' prognosis in 1991, Amirah had few health options for recovery. She turned to acupuncture, meditation, yoga, chiropractic, colon cleansing and detoxing including eating raw and organic foods. For the past 15 years, Amirah committed to two 28-day detoxing cleanses each year and has learned what programs and products were most effective in restoring her health. Her health and wellbeing has become her personal passion, together with my knowledge and experience in the area of combining healing for mind, body and spirit.

The Thailand Detox Tour is an extension of what she lives and offers to personal clients. By combining all years of expertise. she offers you a very unique experience in detox, coaching and spiritual retreating. Firmly grounded and balanced, Amirah draw on years of personal experience, including life's many ups and downs and bumps on the road.

Amirah has over 30 years of metaphysical training, life coaching, detox, fasting, colon cleansing, reiki, quantum healing and much more. She offers years of wisdom learned from her own practice, trials and error. 

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