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energy_leaks_drain_your_powerUnderstanding Spiritual Energy Leaks

Stop The Leak For Personal Power

Spiritual energy leaks can cause loss of power in all areas of our lives. If you tried watering plants with a hole in the hose, you do not have the full pressure. It is the same concept with spiritual energy leaks. You are being drained and will not have as much power as one with no cracks or holes.

If you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster and your angels have abandoned you, you are most likely experiencing a spiritual energy leak. Having an all time high level of frustration, anger and fatigue are clear signs your energy has been compromised.  

The thing is when you realize you have a leak in your hose, you would have to repair or replace it. The same is true with your energy~~ it is time to repair and fresh it. Learning the most common spiritual energy leaks is the first step in stopping the leak.  

Being Empathic

Having empathy is feeling what someone else is feeling. Understanding how someone is feeling is an effective natural spiritual ability because it helps to know what a person is going through and how to better help the person.

So then having empathy is a good thing right? But, here’s the catch.

Unconsciously, you are absorbing lower and foreign energies into and through your own energy field or aura. Channeling someone else’s energy into your energy field acts like a virus on your computer. You lose your power and become dysfunctional. You may notice how a long day at the office zaps you. That is because your energy field is filled to the brim with projects, people and situations from the day, leaking your own vital energy force.

Absorbing any of other people’s ‘stuff’ is draining and slows down your own soul on its path. Learning how to keep other people’s energy outside your aura is an on-going practice.

Considering that everything is energy, the more aware you are of your own energy field, the more discerning and accomplished you become in identifying other people’s ‘stuff’ and that energy surrounding you. Working with the Energy Tools help you to not only clear out other people’s ‘stuff’ and replenish your own energy to optimum function.

Helping People When They Did NOT Askbeing_empathetic

Are you in a pattern of rescuing people out of their dilemmas? This is a BIG energy drain. This is especially difficult not to do when it is family or a close friend but it is important to honor each individual soul’s decision process.

The way our soul grows is by learning lessons while incarnated here on Earth. Soul lessons do not necessarily mean everything goes right all the time.

As humans having a spiritual experience, we tend to learn through hardships.

Each time a soul does not finish or learn the lesson it desires to learn, the lessons become harder and harder for the soul to go through. You can see this through people who ‘hit rock bottom.’ They could have learned the lesson earlier but avoided it in some way and continue going through it until they finally get it.

Three Lifetimes to Learn The Lesson

I recall a story one of my teachers told me years ago. There were these two guys, George and Bob. Bob was dying and George intervened and saved his life. They continued their lives and several life times into the future they met each other again. Bob said to George, “I remember you, you are the guy who saved my life three life times ago and because of that it has taken me three life times to learn the soul lesson and get to this point.”

It Is Not Your Job

It is none of your business to fix or heal another soul. Considering that your soul is here on Earth to learn lessons. Each person’s soul is in control and always knows what is going on, past and future. Nothing is ever a surprise to your soul as it is always a couple of steps ahead of your physical being.

Everyone needs practice making mistakes. Not helping all people until they ask means just that. If someone does not ask you assistance, then butt out! It is none of your soul’s business to fix their soul challenge. That is how you drain your spiritual energy.

let_go_of_the_pastThe Past

Holding on to past events, situations or memories are strong spiritual energy leaks. Being angry, upset and/or not wanting to forgive someone or yourself stops the natural flow of your energy. Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Consider this:
Is holding on to the past negativity really more important than what kind of future you can have or your own soul’s path?


Forgiving Others
Find a quiet undisturbed place to be still. With your eyes closed, imagine having a conversation with the person(s) you are angry with. Speak to their heart and soul – not the physical person.

Asking For Forgiveness
This works the same way if you are asking someone for forgiveness. Just imagine speaking to them in your mind. Imagine speaking to their heart and soul.

Forgive Yourself
Imagine having a conversation with yourself. Forgive yourself for anything you feel needs forgiving. Forgive yourself for anything you wished, should or could have you have done. Forgive yourself for anything you did, said or thought that you feel you are holding on to.

This is a safe, effective way to release the energy you are holding in your aura.  

Practice the Energy Tool Kit in the Members Area to your heart’s delight. Consistent practice takes the chinks out of your energetic armor and keeps it smooth.

Remember everything you do, think and feel exudes your energy. What are you creating?

Please post your comments and any questions below. 

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