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happy1Be Ready to Release

Be Reborn and Renewed  

Shifting planetary energies are asking us to go deep within, heal old wounds and let go of baggage in order to move forward. You are being presented with an opportunity of developing wisdom, accept experiences in your life without holding an emotional charge.

If life isn’t flowing easily, ask yourself if you are ‘living in line with your values? Where are you dissatisfied with your life? Are you feeling fulfilled? For me, my top value is helping people fulfill their potential… so as I do this work I’m in alignment with my value. This is a time to make the adjustments needed in order to live more fully in line with your values. As deep, intense emotions come to the surface, you have an opportunity to transform and release them.

Expanding Vision and Sense of Joy

This is not the time to do things the way you have always done them. Break away from patterns and let baggage holding you back dissolve. Ask yourself, ‘what’s really important to me?’ Holding on to painful feelings, takes a huge amount of energy. It’s the perfect time to free yourself of attachments and pain that you have suppressed and swept under the carpet.

Take the quiet time needed and release anything that’s holding you back from your authenticity, joy and inner vision for your life. Open yourself to seeing things from a new and different angle, allowing for out-of-the-blue chances for freedom and liberation.

Are you living fully from your center, in your authenticity? Be ready to release, let go and to be reborn and renewed. Enjoy!!

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