Getting Back On Track

Getting Back On Track

Intense Times Require Slow But Steady Steps

Grounding and Centering Tools Are Required 

Many people are facing important decisions right now, and wondering whether they can trust their inner knowing for the best steps to take in what might be life-changing.Intense times are revealing those ways that we allow fear of the unknown to prevent us from trusting in our ability to acc

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Breath of Fresh Air

Breath of Fresh Air

Renewing Your Self

Listen To Your Own Inner Guide

Apr 21, 2015 - When I think of springtime I visualize--pretty flowers, fresh new buds sprouting and the sun beaming warmly. All of nature appears to be pushing upwards and outwards. For me, it’s like ‘spring in my soul’ with an influx of energies rousing new ideas, enthusiasm and new life….it's like a breath o

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Hanging In There

Hanging In There

Life Changing Times

Dismantling Life-Draining Elements

Life-changing TIMES are designed to help us discard elements (physical, mental and emotional) of our lives that are not supportive. Much like after the harvest, the old crop must be dug under in preparation for the new seeds to be planted, old forms must also be dismantled, to make room for new ones.

This dismantling may be occur

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True Fairy Tale

True Fairy Tale

Do Nature Spirits Really Exist?

My Personal Fairy-Tale

Do you believe in nature spirits or elementals? Personally, I didn’t give them much creadence until on day while hiking along a river at Mount Shasta, California. As I entered the nature trail, I mentioned to my companion that I sensed a whole pack of 'energy beings' following us. Have you ever felt someone following you, so you

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Foresight Is Important For Success

Foresight Is Important For Success

Intuitive Skills Become Mainstream

Step into Your Authentic Power

With humanity’s awakening process continued acceleration, more people are exposed to consciousness concepts and wanting to discuss spiritual topics. If you’ve been feeling alone on the path, this may be a most welcome development. With intuitive skills coming-of-age, it will no longer be enough to be smart

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