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law_of_attraction1Audio Lesson - How to Increase Having and Receiving

Release Resistance to Having and Receiving

There is a vast infinite Universe where everything already exists. If there is anything lacking in your life, it is not because it doesn't exist but rather it is your consciousness. What is your level of being able to 'have' something in your life? Can you 'receive' what you want to 'have'? Understanding and accepting your own capacity to manifest is a powerful step in accepting assistance from anywhere and 'receive' something that has not yet come into form.The Essential Energy tools are real, magical and consistent.


Whatever you are attracting into your life: financial assistance, a new relationship, a new place to live, or a feeling of purpose and contentment... it assists you on the next steps of your life’s journey.

You are powerful creator being. Believe in yourself. Release your expectations on how something will appear in your life. This energy shift is sending a powerful ripple of creation into the field of existance.

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