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Interview with Amirah Hall

Consider that you are a software program that’s running in your body and you have this unique divine aspect to yourself that’s just you. We have our own uniqueness, but what happens is, as energy fields, we are born, when we’re in our mother’s womb, we begin matching our mother’s energy frequency and that’s the first stage of our development and learning. And then when we we’re born, before we’re verbal, we’re matching the vibrations and the frequencies of energies around us. First, mom and dad. Other people that raise us or nurture us, and our siblings and then our teachers and then our friends. SO we’re a collection of all these energies.

Well, pretend for now you’re a PC and I’m a Mac, my software will work in your hardware. So it’s like, if I’m your mother and my energy is being imposed in your energy field, that’s corrupting your hardrive, that’s corrupting your software, an app works like a virus or malware in your system. So in terms of computer talk, that isn’t then pure and perfect and it sort of blocks the natural flow of what you’re here to create as a software in that human body. So it takes us off our path, it challenges us, it gives us this ease, this function, and then eventually that. And I believe we’re here to come in to that alignment where the body, mind and spirit come in to alignment and then our life flows, it’s really that simple. Of course, easier said than done at times.

I certainly can tell you from my own journey that there’s been a lot of bumps on the road but I can tell you, in learning the tools that I teach in practical applications of these tools, quantum tools, it smooth out the bumps. Not that we’re exempt of bumps, but it smooths the journey and makes things less challenging, less hard.

I like that. So it’s gentle. LISTEN HERE


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