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images/thumbnail.aspx_2.jpegSHIFT of THE HEART with Heightened LOVE Energy

Meditation during a full moon offers powerful healing that is energizing yet relaxing. It reinforces fresh, positive and creative energies influencing your activities, optimizing healing for mankind and the world.

There is an ever-increasing inflow of Love energy pouring onto the Earth accelerating the Shift to the Heart.

I have been directed to initiate, a Full Moon Heart Activation Meditation, for anyone who desires to expand the opening of his/her heart more fully to receive this increasing influx of heightened Love energy.

This activation awakens the divine spark within, dissolving invisible blocks and barriers leading to increased communion with the Creator’s Love.

LISTEN to Full Moon Heart Activation.

You'll find this meditation at Amirah Hall's Online Store: Full Moon Heart Activation Meditation

To your awakening heart,


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