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inner-light1Soul Nourishment

Access Your Inner Sanctuary Meditation

The challenges of balancing chaos and harmony can be great. When chaos is left unchallenged, it dominates your life and takes you away from living your life purpose. Creating sacred space and accessing your inner sanctuary is necessary to develop a deeper awareness of your self and build your ongoing relationship with God, enhancing your Intuition.

What is a Sanctuary?

Most people think of it as a safe place away from the chaos of life. It’s often referred as a physical location where you can retreat and spend time alone in quiet meditation or retrospection. You may think of being inside a church, temple, mosque, garden, beach or mountain hide-away.

Close your eyes and feel this space. What do you notice?

You might agree that this is a place where you feel peace and quiet. It’s here that you access your inner self and listen to God. Entering this space you feel more centered, grounded and happy.

Your Answers Are Within

Your inner sanctuary is a place you go with your mind; it is an energetic space where God’s peace emerges. You have unlimited access to this place as it is without boundaries such as time or space.

But, what does ‘sacred space’ mean to you? And, what happens when you can’t access a place for divine connection or that special corner in your home that you’ve dedicated to prayer or meditation?

Modern living makes it increasingly challenging to make time for a spiritual connection. Making time to attend church or say prayers, more often than not, you may find your mind wander a million miles away from having a conversation with God to receive guidance.

How would you feel knowing you always have access to a safe space within chaos? Peaceful, grounded, centered, clear. Hear what Dr. Michael experienced as he discovered sacred space.

access_divine_wisdomAccess Divine Wisdom and Guidance Anytime

Learning how to connect energetically with your innate wisdom and the Supreme Being’s on an ongoing basis is a skill that you can learn. You have freedom to access this energetic space, set it or change how it feels to you.

Accessing sacred space, raises your energetic frequency for healing and attracting more of your heart’s desires.

Give yourself permission to claim your divine right of divine connection and eternal nourishment. You enter sacred space when you ground and run energies through your body. This defines your energetic space or aura, re-setting your vibration closer to its original state.

You can create a quiet, inspiring space that helps you feel more connected to what’s meaningful in your life. You might not have time in your hectic schedule for meditation or reflection, but you always have time to set your energy to a new tone. It is not in the ‘doing’ but in choosing a different state of ‘being’.

How to Create An Inner Sanctuary for Sacred Space

Sacred space is accessible any time, any place—within. It is an energetic place to renew and heal yourself, to find peace and rest. As you access this space, you get closer to your heart, feel more alive and connected to the divine.

If you are living life in the fast-lane, here is a uber-simple method of creating an inner sanctuary for sacred space.

1. Decide what you want in your Inner Sanctuary – What are you seeking? Serenity, guidance, creativity, calm, inspiration, clarity, relaxing….

2. In your mind’s eye, imagine yourself sitting in this space. How does it make you feel? This space is just for you. Decorate the space with your imagination. Choose what tastes, sounds, smells, looks and feels good to you. Choose objects that give you energy, inspire or help you.

3. Imagine a color that represents this Inner Sanctuary space. What color brings you the feelings of what you are seeking Sacred Space within your Inner Sanctuary? Your inner sanctuary color may be set or it may change with time. Personally, I use the color of yellow-gold; it’s the highest vibration we can hold within the human body. Avoid white as it’s frequency is too high to hold inside the body for extended time. Feel free to experiment and notice the difference using different colors.

4. Drop in or match this color with your crown chakra at the top of your head. This energetic vibration re-sets your physical and non-physical bodies to a vibration of ‘sacred space within a sanctuary’. Notice how that feels in the body.

5. Start each day bringing this color to the top of your head. Tune into yourself throughout the day and re-connect with this Sacred Space in your Inner Sanctuary. Notice your prayers, visualizations and intentions are more effective.

With less effort, life flows more smoothly when you access sacred space on a regular basis. Renewing and heal yourself connects you to your happy heart.

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