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reclaim-your-powerEnergetic Support Increases Personal Power

Reclaim Your Power Meditation

Embrace change and be all you can be. Become stress-free as you release limiting beliefs, programming and foreign energies that hide your 'true power'. Connect with the secret source and ever-flowing reservoir of abundance in every area of your life. Take personal responsibility for your energetic frequency, increasing your personal power and experience a whole new version of yourself.

Strangeness Becoming Normal

Rapid changes are keeping us on our toes. If you don’t feel like yourself. You are NOT! It’s because YOU are CHANGING. You are letting go of the parts of you that aren’t serving your true nature and fullest expression of who you are.

Practice Grounding and Replenishing Dailing

Rapid changes create stress. Support yourself with by a daily practice of grounding, replenishing and clearing your energetic space. Your personal growth and transformation can relieved of resistance and struggle to one of grace and ease.

Is Something Missing?

Maybe you sense something is missing. And, it just might be! And, maybe you ‘don’t need it’. Your Higher Self is directing you to a who


le new experience of yourself. Think of yourself as a ‘new recipe’ for delicious cake.

Are Coming or Going?

You might be doing both! Your cake isn’t baked yet. Trust your daily practices to ground and replenish yourself with one of the Healing Tools and include the Essential Energy Tools. Remember you are sitting in the midst of change and you have free choice choose

something different.

Reclaiming Your Power Guided Meditation gives you support in the midst of challenging shifts and serves as a great ‘anytime’ energy cleansing tool.

Embrace Change

  • Release energy blocks, programming and obstacles frees you to experience your ‘true power’.
  • Become stress-free as you release anxiety, depression and fear that have limited you in the fullest expression of your Self.
  • This well kept SECRET, opens you to receiving inspiration, enthusiasm and joy at a core level for an ever-flowing reservoir of abundance in every area of your life.
  • Re-align and balance your chakras and aura creating clarity, certainty and confidence.
  • Improve mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.
  • Amplify your power.

As your world begins looking entirely different, with little effort, you activate the Law of Attraction and begin attracting people, situations and experiences that you desire as if like magic. Feel a renewed sense of Self, embracing change. Reconnect with your life’s purpose and experience a whole new version of yourself.

You'll find this meditation at Amirah Hall's Online Store: Reclaim Your Power Meditation

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