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ways_meditation_affects_brainMeditation Quiets Your Mind...

Reduces Stress, Tames Your Inner Critic, Increases Focus

Most of us know that meditation can help us quiet our minds, but did you know that meditation can actually change the way your brain is wired? Recently there has been an explosion of scientific research suggesting that meditation has an extraordinary range of health benefits. Studies say you can sculpt your brain through meditation just as you build and tone your body through exercise.

Meditation is Not Just for Airy-Fairy Types

Among other things, meditation helps to boost your brain’s resilience, thicken gray matter, tame your inner critic, increase your ability to focus, and reduce stress. What’s not to love? So get started today and re-sculpt your brain!

Dan Harris from ABC News offers a surprising look at how meditation helps to sculpt your brain in this recent story:

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ways_meditation_affects_brain Meditation Quiets Your Mind... Reduces Stress, Tames Your Inner Critic,...

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