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Discovered My Extra-Ordinary Ability to See Energy

Accessing Quantum Fields of Energy for Healing and Transformation

After my Near-Death Experience in 1998, I discovered my extra-ordinary ability to see and access quantum fields of energy for healing and transformation. I learned first hand that:

1. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. I was invited on a guided journey of the ALL and told I could not stay.

2.The fabric of all creation is LOVE.  Remember: You are LOVE!

3. Our human emotions get stuck in our energy fields and create dys-function, dys-ease and death--Death of good health, harmony, fulfillment, clarity, purpose and spiritual guidance.

4. Our thoughts, feelings and expressions create our experiences and I am wholly responsible for the outcomes I manifest in this life.

5. Regular meditation and detoxification ultra important in building a healthy mind and body.  

So, it is within my work, I teach, mentor and hold space for you to refine your energetic frequency, aligning with the Laws of the Universe to propel you on your path of self-discovery and energetic expansion.

I believe we are here to create, and engaging the dynamic universal laws of attraction, oneness and detachment, we create miracles.

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