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Watching Fireworks

Active Meditation to Release Stress 

Watching fireworks can be an active meditation that’s a fun way of practicing awareness and mindfulness. Using quantum energy tools enhance your experience watching fireworks as they are a powerful tool for self-healing.

“Watching fireworks is a fun tool and perfect time to practice letting go of burdens, blocks and resistance to creating miracles amplified by the powerful lights to the sounds, smells and crowds.” — Amirah Hall, author of Manifesting Miracles 101 - The Art of Being in The Flow

As the fireworks begin, pay attention to your body and your breath. Bring your awareness to the sky before the show begins. What does that first explosion of light look like? How does it change the sky? Consider if your judgment or thoughts are clouded? Are you plagued with anxiety and the fear that at any moment your life might change?

Watching fireworks is a great opportunity to release any resistance to creating a flow of miracles into your life.

This simple step of releasing energy allows you to attract what you desire.

With each explosion of fireworks, imagine dropping inside of it your worries, challenges, pain and struggles. Imagine that bead of energy that is held within your energy field being released. Notice how this feels to your body? Can you catch the last moment as it fades away? Allow it to completely release from your space.

Notice your breathing. Is it fast or slow? Is your inhalation deep or shallow?

You might also notice thoughts and emotions that arise. Without judging them --- explode them too. Imagine dropping them inside the fireworks around you and poof. Or simply, allow them to be there as part of your experience alongside the sights and sounds, coming and going as a natural phenomenon, like ocean waves or passing clouds.

Continue to observe with an expanded view or zoom into individual sparks of light. Notice your experience — from the very first moment a new explosion of light appears, through all of the changes that take place as it rises, falls, fades and finally disappears completely.

Each burst of light is a amusing reminder of the ever-changing nature of our experience and is a new opportunity to practice being in the moment. Enjoy your newly aligned and sparkling energy space that is now more vibrant and magnetic.

Learn more about creating Making Miracles in your life.

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