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sunset_11_11_11Lifting Veils of Illusion

Entering Time Of Divine Remembrance

It feels like a calm before the storm, a bubbling undercurrent of anticipation and expectation. At times it feels eerie and unsettling. We are entering times of intense, profound and lasting change. It is curtain call as the veil of illusion is lifting from humanity. We are in a process of ‘Divine Remembrance’ or ‘Soul Expansion’.

Be Grounded In Present Time

In order to get the truest understanding of who we really are, our Divine nature, powerful creative self, we have to be grounded in the present time. This means you must learn to be in the moment, moment by moment.

Thinning of the Veils Between Worlds

The date of 11.11.11, reminds us of the changes we are making in new vibration patterns. New energies are entering the planet; rhythm patterns are changing. Daily cycles are changing including body weight, sleep and eating patterns. It feels like time is speeding up.

      • Take notice of the changes.
      • Re-evaluate every aspect of your life.
      • Be mindful of your thoughts and feeling.
      • Make choices to be more loving and kind.
      • Practice staying grounded and in harmony of shifting patterns and energy frequencies.

Divine Process

This divine process is about you returning to your original essence of Spirit while living here on Earth. So much of who you thought you are, isn’t! As more waves of energy patterns enter over the next three to four years, you have the opportunity of healing yourself and finding your very own puzzle piece.

Syncronicities Abound

Many of your dreams are coming true and synchronicities abound. You may see energy with your eyes and notice your intuition is magnified. Maybe you will see and hear ‘wisdom snippets’ and notice your telepathic skills amplified. At the core level, you are shifting into your ‘future self’. You are stepping into who you already are but have consciously forgotten.


Energetic Gateway

11.11.11 is also very special energy doorway or gateway giving us an amazing opportunity to anchor in Unity Consciousness into our collective experience and remembering ‘We are ‘ONE’. The important thing to understand is that this doorway is not so much about the actual date of November 11th, 2011, but serves as a focal point where millions of people around the world come together in joyful celebration to consciously anchor in Unity Consciousness and remembering who they really ARE.

With focused collective intent, the landscape of our world is changing forever. It’s time! Step through the Gateway to Love & Light.

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