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love-secrets1Love Is Intoxicating  

Change How Law of Attraction Works In Your Love Life

The TRUE Secret to having LOVE lies in inside your human energy field. You can re-program your personal energy field, activating latent genetic codes and upgrade your heart intelligence to increase loving experiences in your life. Open yourself to ‘juicy’ living with good health, love, abundance, awe and beauty.

What Keeps YOU From Having A Juicy Love Life?

With Amirah’s expert guidance, release the unconscious protective dome of distractions, compulsions and addictions that isolate you from accessing your ‘juice’ and passion for living. Release resistance that keeps you in a ‘head’ experience rather than a 'heart' experience. Shift into a whole different state of being and effortlessly attract more positive people, experiences and situations in your life. 

Access Your Natural Love Potential And Passion

ideal-love-partnerAs you dissolve numbing energy shields, you access your natural potential and passion for living with gusto.

Activate Love Codes is a program the assists you in releasing energetic emotions and feelings of: tired, lazy, depressed, impatient, doubtful, confused, exhausted, anxious, angry, frustrated or bored is like someone turns on your inner light. This program:

  • Is an ‘inside’ experience with life-changing results 
  • Connects with your Source and re-claim your mo-jo 
  • Integrates your heart and your mind 

This program is tried and tested by clients world-wide for over eight years. It works! 

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