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spiritual-awakeningShifting Of Collective Belief Systems

You Chose To Participate Or Not

We are experiencing the opening of an energetic portal to new opportunities for evolving and integrating new collective beliefs and paradigms creating THE NEW HUMAN. Just because it’s so, that doesn’t mean that everyone will embrace it. The choice is YOURS whether you participate or NOT.

Be Willing And Allow

In order to integrate these new paradigms you must be “willing and allow”. This is a free choice process. Being ‘willing and allow’ the integration of ‘liberating thought forms’ as downloads of new software frequencies are re-organize and shift your being, creating space for new, expansive consciousness.

For the upcoming years, there will be continued infusions of Light and higher frequencies of energy that are beyond your human reference point, for those participating in this Shift.

Your Role is to BE WHOLE

Be present in a state of wholeness and wellbeing expands your understanding of your true identity. And, to access that, you must clear all aspects of yourself — Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

You may already be experiencing the multiple phases of release and clearing, preparing for this new multidimensional living. This might look like emotional meltdowns, heat in your body or being awakened during the quiet hours of the night as there are continual refinements and upgrades to your being.

Give to yourself time for introspection or meditation. This assists in releasing limiting thought forms that limit you from fully embracing the divine and loving you.

Power Lies in Simplicity

As you begin to realize your wholeness, you realize the multi-facets of love and core identity. You are morphing and integrating new information, becoming increasingly whole. Focus on the improved experiences and expanded love-factor in your own life.

  • Imagine yourself as an endless blooming, expanding energetic flower.
  • Visualize the layers of your petals enlarging into magnificence!
  • Cultivate your own expansive awareness and find ways to reconnect with this throughout the day.

daily-meditationDaily Meditation is a Divine Start

Imagine a color that represents total wellness to you. Drop the essence of that color into your being, bringing your body, mind, emotions and spirit into harmony and balance. Take time to notice yourself throughout the day as you bring this quality into your experience. Notice how this feels and how your experience your world.

The goal is to cultivate living in this balanced, harmonious expanded state more and more and requires self-love.

All forms of negative self-talk create resistance to wholeness, wellbeing and balance. Identifying and eliminating stored negativity (thoughts, feelings and beliefs) creates a newly integrated, joyful and expanded YOU. Starting with the focus on your Being, you eventually connect to your expanded self—the Earth and the Universe.

Awakening Your Inner Beauty and Vision

Your inner vision (clairvoyance) or that multi-dimensional part of you is expanding. As you make yourself available to the elevated frequencies of love and compassion, clarity will permeate your entire being. Activated expansion of your inner vision brings with it transformation and spiritual freedom. It can also be alarming, confusing, chaotic and just a tad overwhelming. On levels beyond your awareness, your cells are being rearranged, perceptions are shifting and reality as you knew it is different.

From a whole new way of ‘seeing’, you may not understand what you are seeing but with time this too will become clear. You may notice ‘new’ angles of light or shimmering flashes and forms in your peripheral vision or with your eyes closed. Don’t be alarmed as you are beginning to see beyond 3D reality.

You are taking a step beyond the limited 3D awareness of linear, factual and limiting concepts. A profound sense of knowing about something or other potentialities is permeating this ever-evolving quantum expansion. And, this new expansive energy requires you to navigate moment to moment with clarity and conscious awareness.

Using your inner eye may be more like you know you are seeing something rather than actually seeing it in a solid form. Or, you may actually know and see it in form. Both are possible and one is not necessarily better than the other.

awaken-to-youFocus on YOU

Your role is to simply transmute your own energy and allow others to transmute theirs. Each of us has our own individual path to ascension and access to answers within. Make your individual wholeness your primary concern as no one else can do this for you!

Focus your attention on aligning and balancing your energies. Release limiting thought forms and love yourself until nothing anyone else says matters at all to you in any way. Your divine blueprint is being activated and your participation is vital. Live your OWN life as you have a sacred purpose. Let go of everything you thought you were.

It’s the ‘Awakening of the True You’…

Here’s a couple of options available to support you on your journey.

  • Miracle Mentoring Program – 9 months to a NEW YOU!
  • 12-week Online Mini-Mentoring- Activate Love Codes
  • Guided Meditations

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