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Expanding Self-AwarenessWho You Really Are

What The Chaos AROUND YOU Means

Holiday seasons often mark a turning point; they are times for great lessons and realignment with our core values and purpose as a human family. It is in reality a gigantic cleansing, a stupendous reality shift. It can become a destructive challenge or a helpful friend depending on how we perceive it. 

Time of Great Lessons

In winter months, with short days and the dimmesst light from our Sun, we naturally gravitate to being with what’s most important to us: family, friends and loving company. 2012 is a time for great lessons and realignment with our core values and purpose as a human family.

It’s a time of potential great realizations and gigantic shifts in awareness. Our world is experiencing a gigantic cleansing, a stupendous reality shift – a gift from God, The One. These changes and shifts can become a destructive challenge or a helpful friend depending on how we perceive it.

Setting New Course of Expansion

As a global family we are setting course on our next expansionary season towards newer and bigger dreams of greater potential and renewed ‘light’. There is a world of great unseen beauty and unrealized potential waiting to be birthed. Many of us came to this planet to get a glimpse of a higher vision for a higher perspective of new realities. That is to say, we can create a more sustainable vision in the what appears to be chaos.

Hard Times For Most

We receive many lessons but little is learned. Last year offered us deep lessons to integrate so as not to repeat them. What used to be only happenings over there — is now happening, here and now. No one is immune. We are about to become gloriously and painfully made aware that we are all One. We are either all going to rise up as ONE family or we will falter as One.

No one is immune to this wave of change. You cannot hide or be in denial. The Great Shift has begun and the Wave of Love is splashing our shores.

Long Term Plan May Not Be Visible

It might be hard for you to see a positive long-term plan and light future ahead when you feel swallowed up by powerful forces of change. It can be difficult feeling Loved and express love when encountering existential fear and concerns about security and survival.

With much confusion and anxiety in our midst, many seek guidance and understanding to ‘what is happening’. Keeping this in mind, please share these concepts and words for others who are feeling lost.  

Challenges Are Great

Denial is not an option; you just cannot afford it. The Great Ascension process is fully engaged, the slope is steep and the challenge is great. That is why I created Essential Energy Tool Kitas a support in these changing times. These are times to focus on the state of your inner preparedness and alignment with the great shift towards Oneness and unity.

Tools For Support 

Share them with your family and friends too. In my new book WAKE UP! Shift Happens, I’ve compiled tips and tools to navigate these changing times. Please spread this message to a world dazed, blinded, hard hit, and in need of some solace, direction, effective tools of inner guidance, and understanding.

Please realize that ALL of the old structures which by far-and-large were bent on separation, destructive competition, control, power, and elitism will never be revisited again in their old format.

Old World Dying - New World Emerging

The transition will be arduous and only your inner realizations can make it shorter and smoother, or make it linger longer and harsher. Nevertheless, nothing can stop this cleansing and balancing process of reunification anymore. It is firmly engaged.

My message to you has nothing to do with religion or rituals. It has to do with you, me, and this momentous time in our enfolding as humanity, and addresses the deeper meaning of the warmth we all seek during this phase of life from the Source within.

Many experience feelings of solitude, some depression; a longing for something they know exists but cannot be accessed. In extreme cases, some individuals have cut the chord of life to return to peace or relief for their suffering soul. The fear of having lost our loving connections clutches us and we weep for ‘the home of our true heart’ that has been veiled by the state of amnesia.

This is the time to remember ‘who you are’ and ‘why you are here’ – may your light shine brightly in remembrance of your true heart.

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