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human-consciousnessEmotional Breaking Point

Solar Winds Are Streaming Toward Earth

A thick, heavy sludge-like energy is leaving many of us physically tired and challenged. Some days it takes so much more energy to get anything accomplished. Emotionally, many people are at their breaking point. How are you managing through this???

Solar Winds Affecting Life on Earth

Scientists are saying a ‘coronal hole’ where the Sun’s magnetic field opens up is allowing solar winds to stream toward the earth. According to the official space weather science people, we started feeling the effects of this on Earth around September 5th, but a lot of us have felt it before because we are no longer limited by third dimension rules.

Energetic Clean Up

This sudden rush of super dense energy acts like a magnet pulling out dense energy deep within us triggering even more outbursts. While challenging, ultimately this offers us a fabulous massive energetic clean-up opportunity!

It’s time to dig into the nitty-gritty sides of ourselves, that’s long been, forgotten and avoided. As with any part of this Great Shift, we will emerge feeling lighter and shinier.As denser moments may feel ever denser, you are moving through waves of change faster and faster. So these blah feelings are a sign of higher vibrations yet to come. Hang on baby!!!

Dense Energy Ignites Shifts

As this dense energy ignites on personal levels, it’s also igniting on global and collective levels. Politically, economically and socially rapid changes continue. As we experience higher vibration energy on the planet, denser (lower vibrational) energies appear more obvious. There is a greater distinction between our lower and higher vibrations becoming more obvious, confrontational and intense.

Have you noticed its harder to be around certain people or situations because of their suffocating energy?

Those people and ‘aspects of yourself’ that are more attached to denser energy, need to push and work harder against the increasing ‘lighter’ energy. Pushing against this resistance is exhausting, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Let Go of Fear and Resistance To Change

Holding onto fear of moving through these shifts only makes it worse. The fear of moving into a higher vibration is frightening as we shed pre-conceived notions of stability, comfort, power and security. Some of us might even resist the higher frequency energy because we continue to hold onto the notion of NOT being worthy of abundance.

This resistance to the lighter energy frequencies trigger tsunamis of emotion and violence. Have you noticed increased rage within yourself and others around you? The rages in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Tunisia and in the London Riots are perfect examples of a ‘vibrational uprising’ as dense energy can no longer remain dormant, ignored or swept under the carpet.

Higher Levels Of Soul Wholeness

butterfly_transformationOur souls are magnetically being called to our highest possible level of vibration. It might feel as though we’re being squeezed through keyholes into soul wholeness. Everything is shifting to a greater balance and as it does greater chaos may ensue during the process.

Don’t be surprised as more and more people lash out verbally or physically ‘from out of nowhere’. Higher energies aren’t compatible with dense energies and as we feel suffocated by that which we fear within ourselves and in others. Bring your awareness to what you fear. As you do so, this subtle shift begins the process of ‘re-alignment’ and balance.


      •     Be gentle with yourself and others.
      •     The journey of life isn’t black or white.
      •     One energy isn’t necessarily better than another.
      •     Dense isn’t better or worse than light and we ALL consist of both these energies to greater or lesser degrees.

Ask Yourself:

      • What density or shadow within me is being triggered?
      • Do I fear that someone else’s miserable attitude or lack mentality will somehow rub off on me?
      • Is my shadow actually covering up part of my inner power/knowing that I create my own reality?
      • What is covering up my abundance or worthiness?
      • What is shadowing up my ability to have strong boundaries?
      • Is blocking me from being grateful for my own wonderful life?
      • Do I fear that someone else’s happiness or joy that minimizes my own?
      • What dense energy is it that covers my desire for happiness and joy?
      • What’s blocking my innate knowing of exactly what I need to do to live a happy and joyful life?
      • What dense energy is overshadowing my passions, desires and needs within ?
      • Is it covering up that part of me that knows without a doubt I have a right to feel good!

Vibrate at 100% 

Few people on the planet vibrate at 100% of their highest level or 100% of their lower dense level. Whether you consider yourself at a ‘higher vibration energy’, you still have some density within you. It is that density, fear and pain that’s coming forward for you to face now during this transformational time. Dense energies around you are triggering those within you for clearing and re-balancing.

Quantum Leap

Energetically, we are in the process of a quantum leap in our evolution leading to us embodying who we really are here on the earth plane of existence. We are stepping into the ALL of who we really are. Dense energy patterns or shadows that we haven’t yet experienced or owned are being revealed for clearing, release and transformation.So, when you’re feeling emotionally heavy simply ask, “What am I covering within me?” And, “Why?”

Journaling is one way to gain insight for yourself into these questions. Trust and allow what comes to the surface.

As you gain clarity, the next step in transforming is to release or uncover the dense energy blocking your True Self and gravitate toward having an energy healing session. Additionally, using visualization and meditation techniques help to re-activate and awaken hidden parts of yourself. Get FREE MEDIATIONs HERE to release dense energy blocking the REAL YOU.

Conscious Changes Require Conscious Action

Notice when your thoughts and feelings don’t match up with who you know yourself to truly be. New patterns take time to embody and consistent. Remember to breathe as you re-train your new sense of being ALL YOU.

Don’t get caught up in the dramas unfolding around you. They are like black holes sucking anything dense into them with a strong, magnetic gravitational pull. In personal situations, reserve your need to help, step back and observe. Protect yourself from unnecessary emotion frenzies, exhausting yourself as you attempt to rescue others from their toxic situations.

The Sky Is Falling

Unplug from “The Sky is Falling” bandwagon. As the economic situations change, weather patterns adjust and political structures fall, remember that collapses occur making room for birth of new creations. Holding on to the ‘old’ in fear of the collapse, creates resistance to the natural order of death and rebirth. Instead, honor the process. Be compassionate to your friends’ discomfort knowing it’s all in Divine Order, triggering everything needed for transformation.

butterflyincloudsRemember cutting into a butterfly’s chrysalis to try to make it easier for the emerging butterfly, disables it. Our process includes getting out of the chrysalis. What might look like a struggle is actually strengthening and preparing the butterfly wings for flight.

    Each of us must go through the process individually.

    Be who you are, shine your light.

    Hold the torch, allowing others to find the switch to their own torch.

    Speak your truth, convey your message, share what you know.

Relax and Stay Calm

This balancing process will gather momentum as the end of the year approaches. Pay special attention to those moments when you are feeling a surge of panic, overwhelm or hyper-sensitivity. Find ways to relax, stay calm and go with the flow.

When you get the sense you’re ready to explode–take a breath and instead of fighting against the density, ask yourself:

  • What part of me is seeking balance?
  • What am I ready to release?
  • What am I resisting?

From there you will emerge out of the energetic spin. Click here for ‘energy support’ with my assorted guided meditations.

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