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Evolving Beyond 2012

What The Wise Ones Know 

This is a time of change. From a conscious evolution to practical solutions, learn about evolving perspectives on the Next Age of 2012 and beyond. Hear about the visions for a Universal Humanity and connect with the heart and soul of cinema. Discover what do the wise ones know.

2012 Time for Change

From Conscious Evolution to Practical Solutions

Beyond 2012 Evolving Perspective on the Next Age From Conscious Evolution to Practical Solutions

Visions of a Universal Humanity From Conscious Evolution to Practical Solutions — A movie that goes beyond now, beyond 2012 into a future filled with infinite possibilities.

Spiritual Cinema Circle - The Heart and Soul of Cinema

Metaphysia 2012
Sean M. Fisher, Writer/Director

2012 The Odyssey & Time Wave 2013
Sacred Mysteries, Sharron Rose

Return of The Ancestors
with Drunvalo Melchizedek

2012 and The Ascension Process
Artainment, DaVid Raphael, MD

Quantum Communication
Voice Entertainment, David Sereda

Making the Quantum Leap.
Continuum Center, Jane Barrash

IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE: What Do The Wise Ones Know?
Andrew Cameron Bailey

What on Earth?
Inside the Crop Circle Mystery
Mighty Companions, Suzanne Taylor


Sounds True Multimedia Publishing Company

Thrive - The Movie 

Foundation for Global Humanity
Mary Page

Inspired By Angels - Documentary


2012: Ascension Harmonics
Jonathan Goldman Spirit Music
Music of Jonathan Goldman featured on cover.

Awakening the Divine
Visionary Artist, Graphic, & Web Designer, AaronPyne

Synergenesis Visionary Art & Healing Music
Synergenesis, Amoraea Dreamseed

Davin Infinity Freelance graphic design and video for the new Earth awakening.
“Davin Infinity – Graphic Design for the New Earth”

EMERGENCE: Beyond 2012?
Almighty Publishing
David Alexander Englis

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