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love-lightWe struggle to fully understand the mystery of LOVE and LIGHT.

"You are Love. You are Light. Love is the Fabric of All Creation" ~ Amirah Hall from my own Near-Death Experience.

Most people think of ‘Being-in-Love’ as that feeling when the birds chirp and violins play as your heart skips a beat whenever you’re just thinking of a certain person. But, who ever thinks of ‘Being-in-Light’ watching the sunset as you forget you are breathing and your worries just melt away?

Watching the sunset, it is hard to believe that our eyes sense only a fraction of light from the entire electro-magnetic spectrum. Because of our limited vision, we can’t see most of what exists in the world around us.

Scientists agree that both love and light are forms of energy and that all matter is energy in movement. You are energy and your source is the highest form of energy—LOVE and LIGHT.

You are Love. You are Light.

Can you remember a time of feeling head-over-heels in love? A person in love vibrates at a high frequency that heals the body and generates feelings of joy and happiness. It produces a flow of physical energy that feeds your physical and non-physical parts of you.

Love is the fabric of all creation.” (from my own Near-Death Experience)

Unlimited, infinite healing love continuously flows through your energy channels even though your emotions may block the feeling of ‘love’. When love is blocked, you get sick as lower frequency energies fill you with negativity, depression, anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, hate, phobia, etc.

Healing Light 

Releasing stagnant lower frequency energies is healing and sends out a ripple of healing love energy that already exists within your being. Letting go of energies that block the natural flow of your life force, you achieve life balance, get closer to knowing your worth and gain clarity about who or what is good for you.

Observing Allows Release

Being aware of your struggles and how you feel and getting neutral to your pain, problems and struggles are key to allowing their effortless release. Imagine that everything in your life, your feelings, experiences, concerns, people and situations in your life are stored on your energetic hard-drive. All thoughts, feelings and actions reside in your energy field until you give them permission to release.

golden-shellIn releasing everything that is not you, lessons learned, out-dated beliefs and memories, you create more space to allow the true you to attract your true desires. Like clearing a virus from your system, you allow your body, mind spirit to work effectively and magnetically. As your energy flows smoothly, you regain balance, joy and love being more authentic and life has a fuller meaning.

Struggle is Not Required

When you turn on your computer it automatically engages many software programs. Likewise, give yourself permission to activate that inner software that tells the lower, foreign and stuck energies to flow away from you.

Who said there was a rule that humans had to struggle? Before you even began to speak and without realizing it, you matched what other humans around you did. It’s in un-matching and aligning with your true north that you employ your true divine nature of love and light. In this way, you effortlessly attract your desires and activate Law of Attraction in full force.

  • Give yourself permission to effortlessly release anything (conscious or unconscious) that is blocking you of moving into your own power.
  • Let go of fears from media, family, not being enough, conditions controlling you, not knowing what to do, being neutral to whatever shows up.
  • Release abuse and suffering or other energies that says you have no voice or choice.
  • Let go of resistance and anything that requires effort.
  • Wash away all lack and suffering.

Allow the light to shine peace and illuminate your path to clearly know your direction removes shadows of doubt becoming conscious of your choices.

LOVE and LIGHT Are Always Present.

Practice with this Guided Meditation, clearing your energetic frequency, increasing your vibration and magnetically draw your desires to you. This is your nature and your connection to God and inner wisdom.

You'll find this meditation at Amirah Hall's Online Store: Being in Love and Light Meditation

Be In Love and Light 2012 and Beyond!


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