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ascension_symptoms_2Humanity is WAKING UP! 

Ascension Symptoms of The Great Shift in Consciousness

There seems to be an evergrowing trend in feelings of being 'unsettled'. Can you relate to any of these .

"Why bother trying creating anything new?" "What is the point right now. . . or ever?" With chaos everywhere, I seem to have lost my way or the direction I thought I was heading but know I wonder if I was even on the right path." "Nothing feels solid or grounded. Everything seems up in the air with no solid foundation and no direction." 

"I don't know who I am anymore. I thought I knew my purpose and now I have lost trust and faith in myself and find myself completely lost." "I cannot go forward in any way -- I feel boxed in." "I feel helpless, vulnerable, powerless, insecure and very much feel like a victim." "My self-confidence has evaporated. I do not feel remotely good about myself anymore."

And how about this one:

"I feel invisible, unnoticed, not needed, not appreciated or valued." This is because you are vibrating higher and cannot be seen right now. And in addition, so many are in chaos and panic with their own situations, that they cannot see much of anything except what is going on for them.

"I don't feel like doing a thing. I am not interested in a thing. I just want to play. I want to retire. I do not want any more responsibilities. I am exhausted. I need to rejuvenate. I need a very long rest . . . or maybe an endless vacation." "Don't bother me. I want to be in my own sacred space away from the outside world." 
Or perhaps,

"Get me out of here! I want to run away to somewhere very different and never return!" "I want to go home where I fit and things feel right!"

re-aligningRe-aligning Re-aligning Re-aligning

You, the rest of humanity and everything on the planet is re-aligning, re-aligning, re-aligning.
All of these scenarios are normal ascension symptoms. 
It might seem as though everything is in chaos and you cannot manifest in the way you did in the past. Your energetic vibration is changing and does not match your previous creations. Energetically speaking, people are not seeing, matching or validating you. As you begin vibrating at higher frequencies, your outside world is collapsing and falling away causing doubt, apathy, anxiety, etc. as the outside reality has not yet caught up with you. 
Riding the waves of change causes everything to be re-designed. 
Shake-ups are occurring wherever you need to make changes. 

Whether you want to make changes or not...they are coming. Rather than resisting the shifts, I highly recommend you consider working with a program or a teacher that guides and supports you in making the changes you need.  

miracle_mastery_mentoring_worldwideDon't Stay Stuck

If any of these similar themes resonate with you, relax. This is the new normal for right now. But, you don't have to stay stuck in the outmoded ways of being. It is a critical time to consciously learn about your energy and how you are affecting what you create. 
This is the basis for my Private Sessions, the  Miracle Mastery Mentoring and the Essential Energy Tools. It's my sincere desire that you embrace the free tools or my other services for yourself and friends, as we make this consciousness ascension journey together.
If you haven't already started, GET STARTED With Your Free Essential Energy Tool Kit. They are al lot of fun and you will begin creating what may seem like MIRACLES in your life.  I promise... these tools are necessary for this wild ride we're on to maintain sanity and not have a melt-down. I never leave home without them... 

Please share these with your friends too... we need more sane people around us LOL.  

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