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Amirah HallReflections Back & Beyond - Documentary

The Meaning of Life

Near death experiences are spiritually transformative experiences. They teach us we are here to truly care about each other. Your significance of this life extends beyond a life beyond this life. You are being prepared in this life for more to come. God, gave you the beauty on the earth as a gift.

We Are Interconnected With All

The meaning of each person's life is interconnected with each other. The light is behind our lives and that is where we will go. We are here to know who we are. We are to understand our connection with all that is. All created to experience God and channel good. We are here to grow with our underdstanding, wisdom and love.

Life is like a circle, it bends back upon itself and you can only take back from it that which you give out. I realized I was 'everything'! I was part of the cosmic spark of everything in the universe. 

What Was The Message?

You Are Energy

People must understand that they are energy and that they can adjust that to create what it is they want to create.

Prayer is Powerful

Prayer is is a powerful thing Asking for help and for something that is greater than our selves. Such as love a mother has for a child, is part of prayer. Prayer is important in our lives.

Life is A Gift

What we have in life is a gift.

The Light is Within

The light came within me. This produced a more loving and gentle approach in life for me. Think of yourself as a beautiful sparkler, perfect as it should be of the Source energy.

Near-death experiences are spiritually transformative experiences. For people who have a near death experience, their life is never the same.

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