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/live_your_own_lifeLive The Life You Came Here For

Re-Establish Your Own Unique Energy

The biggest part of creating wellbeing in all areas of your life is to re-establish your own unique energy space. What no one taught you early in life is that you are energy and it is unique to you. As a small child, your early beginning starts by matching the energy from those around you—the big ones!

Matching Energy

You learned to talk, walk, respond and take action by unconsciously matching the energy of people you spend the most time with – parents, teachers, siblings, friends and relatives. Unknowingly, you continue to adopt the energies of those people closest to you, rather than relying on your own unique source. Over time, these foreign energies shape and mould your ways of being, thinking and feeling.

Your Essence Never Changes

The core of who you are, your essence however never changes. It is like your original software version that gets corrupted with viruses and other programs. It still works but not in the manner it was intended.

Energetically speaking, your system has failures. It begins to slow down. There may be disruptive error messages that pop-up and freezes the whole system.

Your chakras and aura become dull, lifeless, stagnant and confused. Over time who and what you think of is you has been long lost and is over written by the energies of those we love. dis-like, respect and dis-respect -- family, teachers, friends, children and spouses.

losing_your_spaceLost Your Space

What happens is you lose your space to living the life you came here to live. You literally, lost some of your energy space and replaced it with other people’s energy. That is like trying to put Mac software into a PC. Or try playing a DVD into a cassette player. It doesn’t work. (except in recent years techies have figured out how to do It for some software) I think you get the point though…

A true knowledge of ourselves is knowledge of our power. -- Mark Rutherford


There are no MUSTs or HAVE TOs. Just live the life that you came here for.

If you have a perception of lack or a feeling that something is less than perfect, you block the creative process. Having resistance or feeling of being less than perfect blocks the creative flow. Remember that your consciousness is the driving creative force communicating every aspect of itself into the Universal Creative Process, also known as the Law of Attraction.

This simple understanding can change life experiences across the board.

Knowing this is vital to the truths you came to experience. Knowing this is vital to each of you as a soul, an aspect of creation, not just existing upon your planet, but joyfully living in every way possible.

You Are A Powerful Force

Your focus (conscious and unconscious) is a powerful force. It is magnetic and is creating your life and the world you experience. Use it wisely, wildly and boldly.

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