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unseen_mysteries1Influences Exist Beyond Your Five Senses  

Unseen Energies Distress You

The obvious part of every day is that you wake up and anticipate the day based on what you know, see, smell, taste and hear. You continually interpret your situations according to your five senses. That is your reality. Have you considered what might be beyond your five senses into the unseen energies and how they affect your life?

We exist within a world of energy. You are an active field of energy that is continually interacting with other fields of energy. You are co-existing with other fields of energy within an energy field inside this world of energy. Science explains that everything is inter-connected which means you are walking through other fields of energy and they walk through you.

Tuning Into Different Frequencies

When you turn on a radio you have choices of what you will listen to. Consider turning on a radio for a moment. There are many radio stations broadcasting at the same time, operating on different frequencies, on different equipment. You can tune into radio stations on a portable radio, on a TV, on your computer or a car radio and hear the same broadcast or you can tune into what seems like an infinite number of broadcasts.
Musicians playing in an orchestra generate different sounds from different instruments and co-exist together within the composition.

Do Crazy People Really See Something That Isn’t There?

You may have seen what appears as a crazy or psychotic person yelling at what appears to be nothing. Maybe it was drugs, alcohol or other imbalance that agitated them into this state. Or, maybe a part of them was opened up to an unseen world that doesn’t exist for others.

What happens is that there is a thin energy veil between humans and unseen worlds that when broken or opened up to lower or negative frequencies enter the human energy field.

Psychologists say what they are seeing does NOT exist. They might say it is their unconscious running wild or that they are simply hallucinating. Or, maybe not. Could it be that this person is ‘seeing into another world or dimension’?

Everything exists because it is part of your reality. We can be under the influences from other energies and affecting you in positive or negative ways.

Everything Has a Distinct Vibration

Your auric field surrounds your body. If you go to a place where people think alike they create locational energy that has its very own distinct vibration. Every family, company, school, city and country has its own energy. You are influenced by the energies surrounding us because you are a sponge-like being, matching those energies around you. You may recall a situation or person that completely drained your energy. Likewise someone may lift your mood and inspire you to start a new project, think or act differently.

Your entire life is sculpted by energetic influences including those of your mother, father, extended family, friends, movements, leaders and religions. That is the nature of how you learn, grow and experience this world.

You are continually matching energies around you and co-mingling with other energies of those you are aware of as well as other dimensions including angel and demons and everything in between. These different energies, seen and unseen, known and unknown affect you and impact how you live your life.

energetic_influencesWhose Life Are You Living?

To remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be.

When your auric field is strong and clear, you are naturally more protected and less influenced by these outside energies. GaThe stongest energetic influences in your life are your mother, father and siblings that continually shape you and direct your path until you begin to separate your energy from their energy. Clearing your auric field of outside influences aligns you with your powerful intuitive guidance and inner wisdom. The clearer you become from these 'unseen mysteries', the more space you have for deep inner joy, healing and love. You open to living your 'own' life not influenced by 'unseen mysteries'.

Key is Meditation

Daily practice to open your inner working consciousness is key. Opening yourself to God’s energies affects your wisdom, healing, love, joy and creativity. Meditating everyday influences and shields you from corruption, theft, lies, cheaters and manipulation. When you are aligned with those aspects of yourself life is wonderful, setting your heart’s desires in motion. It is a natural and powerful process to gain a deeper connection with yourself and The Divine.

Being in The Zone

True spirituality means ‘being in the zone.’ ‘Being in the zone’ is another expression of saying you are connecting with the Divine. Great performers such as sports figures, singers, actors, artists, entrepreneurs get into the zone. They are in the ‘zone’ within themselves and simultaneously connecting with the zone of your outer self in the world. 

As they connect into the zone, they stimulate and connect with the energy fields of the audience. Both parties experience heightened emotions as they connect in the zone of the Divine.

connect_with_meditationConnect With The Divine With Meditation

When you meditate daily, your potential to be in the zone is enhanced. It is this space where everyone can experience the ‘extra-ordinary’ or the Divine within. That ‘extra-ordinary’ potential already exists with you only is dormant and quietly awaiting connection. Every time you meditate you connect with the Divine that transforms you to face the seen and unseen energies.

Telepathic interactions are constant between yourself and others affect you both in positive and negative ways. Practice makes perfect.
Go to a party, gamble, surf-the-web, over-eat – next day you step deeper into negative environment. Alcohol, drugs, sleeping pills, drug heads – kick self in the behind and rise above. These substances destroy souls.

Meditation Practice

  1. Find a quiet undisturbed place for yourself.
  2. Connect with your breath and relax.
  3. Focusing on our breath, bring your attention to your body.
  4. Imagine a gold ball of light inside your heart and imagine it expanding and filling your aura with Divine light.
  5. Surround your energy field with electric blue to seal your aura.

“Be bold enough to use your voice. Brave enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to live the life you always imagined.” ~

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