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spirit_crossroadsEmbarking Into A Loving World

Vote With Your Heart Energy Not Mind or Intellect

Humanity is embarking on a spiritual crossroads and offers you opportunity to dramatically shift the course of your direction. As an individual, part of a collective whole, you must decide and vote with your energy on what kind of future world you will have.  

You are helping to birth a ‘loving world’, a place where people remember their divine self. This requires you to connect and chose love from your heart center, not from your mind or intellect. Your part in this unfolding process is to ‘stay calm’ while you discover energetic blocks masking the love that you are.  

More and more energy increasing on the planet opens the possibility to increasing potential for this shift. Moving out of stuck energy using Energy Tools brings you in alignment with your soul blueprint.  

5 Tips to Stay Calm

In conjunction with using the Energy Tools on a regular basis, here are five tips to stay calm during this unique time of spiritual crossroads.  

1. Remember this is a time when you are building a whole new foundation for yourself. Feeling uncertain or doubtful is normal. Remind yourself that you are shifting into a whole new version of yourself and you are in a ‘growth period’. Stay present and breathe! Congratulate yourself for being brave and being more loving one step at a time.  

2. As energy of a spiritual crossroads builds, everything may just feel ‘harder than normal’. Stay focused and grounded. Energy Tool #1 will help you clear your grounding to give you a stronger connection and Energy Tool #2 will support you having clarity and focus on what is important in the moment. Stay connected to your hearts truth rather than the illusions of the world as you connect with the rhythm of your soul.  

3. In times of spiritual crossroads, energy, issues and desires can feel more intense than normal. Keep things simple and as balanced as possible. When situations feel more complex than you can handle or manage, use the concept of Energy Tool #1 and ground the whole situation. Ground others around you too. Staying simple and not overthinking will make shifting more manageable and graceful.

4. Keep a sense of amusement when things get serious. Lighten up a bit. Step back from the chaos and view the bigger picture with things into proper perspective. Staying calm and let go of your need to control all the details of the changes. Being less serious allows the energy to flow rather than resist it.

5. Not knowing what is going to happen and feeling powerless is normal during spiritual crossroads. Being stuck in fear may cause you to disregard your deeper truths and you may worry about not keeping up with the shifts. Stay calm and remember you are already blueprinted with wisdom and directions for discovering your authentic self. It is no accident that you have incarnated at this time to remember your core essence. Your divine spark is guiding you on this journey of self discovery.

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