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giving_to_people_who_careAmazing Way to Reward Caring, Generous People 

Offering a Helping Hand Can Change People's Day

This guy decided to act like a homeless person in an effort to find people who were willing to help – when they helped, they were shocked by what happened next.

When people give just for the sake of giving, they expect nothing in return.  They simply want to help out someone in need.  There is no ulterior motive or any request for reimbursment.

When these kind and generous people offered to help a man who appeared homeless, they were doing so just to give the man a break and a chance to have something to eat.  The fact that this man returned their money and offered them additional money in return shocked all of them.  They were in disbelief.  It is so rare that kind souls are rewarded just for their kindness.  There was no show, no one to impress.  It was simply just kind people doing kind things.  It was very touching to see these people rewarded and it’s a good reminder about doing unto others as we would have done to ourselves.

The way a life can be touched by someone else offering a helping hand is reason enough to help.  You can really change people’s day, let alone their lives!

About:  This video was originally seen on the BigDawsTV YouTube channel.  Check out this channel to see some hilarious prank videos.  They will surely have you laughing out loud!

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