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keep_seatbelt_onSudden Shocking Surprises

March 31, 2015 - Break free, break out and break loose

Yes it’s very exciting times and as spring rolls in it brings with it ‘transformational wild times’.

Transformational forces are coercing us to break free, break out and break loose from those limiting old patterns, beliefs, desires and anything that has been keeping you off your soul’s path. Looking back to the 60’s, there was a ‘spiritual awakening’ or ‘consciousness shift’ with many changes including war, drugs, rock n’ roll and a sexual revolution.

What appeared as ‘rebellious times’, created challenges for people as they resisted shifting into new belief systems. In a similar way, we are adjusting also-- we have to RELEASE old ways. When seasons change, we adjust our wardrobe to adjust in the best way we can. Some people are ready with their seasonal clothes ahead of the climate shift, other people wait for a sale and still others forage through storage and savor their old favorites. We all adjust to changes at different paces and ways.

There are changes occurring in your personal lives as well as in the world around us.

We are coming into your own truth, desires and maybe even a new philosophy of life looking for deeper meaning to the life we are living. When discussing this with others they tell me of having deeper desires to read scripture, quitting dead-end jobs and overhauling their diet.

Forces of change include new desires but at the same time there is a tendency to be safe. As things continue to change and as new changes roll in the best way to handle the changes is to trust the process. It will take you having a stronger sense of purpose and living life with principles that will continue to guide you into the unfolding Aquarian Age.

With Changes, Comes Questions

“Is it the right choice? Is it the right direction? Is it best timing?

Ask yourself

  • Is your desire coming from your soul’s intention?
  • Are you in alignment with your truth or distracting Self?
  • Are you taking a path of evolution into broader understanding of your place in life?
  • What do you really want in your life?

letting_goLetting Go of Stuff

Staying attached to what is familiar can be painful letting go. It is a good time to let go of stuff. Cutting cords. Moving forward. People are telling me of moving jobs, cities even countries. There is an underlying force of migration and movement nudging us to find and connect with our soul tribe, matching energies with those who have same truth.

With changes and loss part of a natural human process includes experiencing grief and sorrow. Painful to others, these feelings give us information about what is really valuable and what is meaningful or not. It’s a time to call a spade a spade. Call the truth the truth. Be willing to go deeper into what is TRUE for you at this time.

I know it’s difficult to let go of something that feels secure because of the fear of making the changes is scary. It wasn’t good for you and what’s coming is better for you. Don’t avoid what life is trying to teach you but rather release the energetic blocks becoming more aware, moving forward with deeper purpose in your actions.

Finding a deeper meaning will take some effort but it’s worth it. It’s rather like moving to a new and different house rather than moving furniture around in the same house creating a new look. Yes, it takes some work but with it comes a whole new experience.

Ask Yourself…

  • Does it feel right to be in a relationship with the wrong person?
  • Does it feel right working at a lackluster unfulfilling job just for the money?
  • What do you need in a relationship? Job? Life?

Living Authentically

These have to change if you want to live an authentic life and fulfilling a purpose and fits into the wholeness of our world… THEY HAVE TO CHANGE.

Honestly, these confusing energetic times makes me feel like anything can happen and anything goes. All I can say is,

Keep Your Seatbelt On

Its’ all learning and growing …NOT right or wrong!!
It’s about your betterment and rock n’ roll awakening consciousness ☺

To your betterment in love and light,

Amirah Hall

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