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We Learn By Matching Energies

Is Your Energy Helping Or Hurting You?

Over time, our energy is overloaded with more energy that is not our true essence and hinders us from living our soul's purpose.

From the time we are babies, we begin learning by matching the energy of others and our environment. We match family, friends and society. The whole time you think you are being you but it’s really quite the opposite. You have become the composite energy of everyone around you.

We match or copy the energies and take on foreign energies. Entities, goblins and ghosts exist in our energy field and compete for your life force. Beings such as snakes, control beings, spiders affect what and how we create our life. Many beings are so familiar, you are not aware they exist within your auric field. Beings stay anchored in your energy field by negative thoughts, fears, resentments, anger outmoded beliefs.

Do you think you are living your life? OR
Are you affected by foreign energies, beings and entities?

Most certainly-- WE ALL ARE! The challenge is to clear our energy of the energy vampires, beings and entities so that we can be all that we came here to BE.

I grew up being me and thought all the choices I made were my own. After my father’s death, i realized i wasn’t living my life for me. I made all the decisions seeking validation from my father.

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