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orange-roseExpanded Intuition

Self Healing, Gain Personal Confidence, Strengthening Divine Connection

Clairvoyance is a form of ESP (extra-sensory perception) in which a person acquires knowledge about an object or situation, beyond the five senses. It means “Clear Seeing” which is taken from late 17th century French clair (clear) & voyant (seeing). Are you someone who would like to increase your trust in your own intuition? Or maybe you’ve a healing practitioner and would like to increase your abilities and enhance your current modality.

In developing your clairvoyance or inner vision, you heal yourself. Using Clairvoyant energy tools support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. You gain clarity and certainty in making decisions and knowing you are on the right path. This is true inner power.

Amirah Hall will facilitate this weekend workshop focusing on the intuitive arts, helping you to increase your spiritual focus. You will develop a relationship to your higher self through this process of learning to read yourself and others.

Gain personal confidence with intuitive readings and healing work enhancing your personal life and professional practice. This workshop is an introduction to a one-year training program with a vibrational healing certificate if you choose to move forward into our future programs.

Some of what you will learn:

• Develop Relationship with Higher Self

• Using Intuition to Heal Yourself & Others

• Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience etc…

• Beginning Mediumship Skills

• Tuning into the Human Hologram or Aura

• Remote Viewing

• Vibrational Tuning Techniques

PLUS – receive a half-hour private clairvoyant session with Amirah, FREE guided meditation and a Amirah’s ebook “Love Up Your Life”.


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