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thailand_detox_retreatBody Mind Soul Awakening

7 Day Detox Fasting or Weight Loss Program - April 25 - May 2, 2013 The true cause of our suffering is buried in our faulty notions about what it means to be healthy, what we consider as food or fuel for our bodies, and in our somewhat stubborn unwillingness to finally admit the timeless truth of who we really are. Why Detox? Secrets To Alkalizing The Body

A Healthy Good Time

With the onslaught of events and information that comes to us each day through alarm clocks, phones, television, the Internet, city living, aa_healthy_good_timend the typical office job, resting could not be more essential to many who are tired and burnt out.

Fasting is a way to overcome this lethargy, rejuvenate and renew your body, and reclaim your vigor. You can literally watch yourself grow younger. Life will never be the same after a supervised fast, as you find fitness becomes easier, thinking becomes clearer, and most of all your life and energy returns.

The Experience

From Bangkok International Airport take a connecting flight to Chiang-Mai, Thailand. (Approximately 1 Hour flying from Bangkok, Thailand).

From the Chiang-Mai Airport, you will be privately transported approximately 30 minutes to the resort for the next ten days.Your days will be spent soaking up the fresh air and sunshine around the luxurious Spa, giving not only your mind a well deserved rest but also your stomach, treating your self to massages and various treatments of choice.

Prior to your departure for the Detox Retreat, you may choose to begin a series of mini cleanses, directed at getting your elimination organs working as efficiently as possible, all in preparation for your fast and ensure you maximize your results from the detox period in Thailand. The Herbal Cleanse in Thailand lasts 7 days incorporating the highly successful herbal program, followed by three days of return to a healthier eating practice.

Since the detox program is the equivalent of being on natures operating table, as the days pass you will experience a restoration of vitality and vigor brought upon from within by the miracle of nature at work. Your body’s innate intelligence will go deeply within cleaning house and eliminating long stored waste and toxins from various levels. People on such a fast often report shedding 1 pound of weight per day of the fast, assuming there is waste to be removed.

The Herbal Approach

Ensures that the bowel evacuates with daily basis of colonic irrigation. Most people never feel hungry. The first few days, some people feel lethargic, but a breakthrough usually occurs after the third day, leading up to the seventh day and beyond. Sleep is deep and restorative, with a deep sense of peace retuning to the being.The various treatments facilitate the removal of toxins and the restoration of vitality.

In summary, the approach we’re taking is the result of many years of trial and error taking the best concepts from various locations around the world and embodying them into one exceptionally effective and yet gentle fasting/detox experience.

detox_centerPeople report not only a restoration of physical well being but also a renewed connection to their Spiritual Source. The source of digestive issues and many other seemingly unrelated health issues are addressed at their cause. After 7 days, the herbal fast ends with light fruit meals allowing the stomach to slowly over the next three days be weaned back into a normal eating regime using the Organic Raw food restaurant (Rated as one of the 50 best in the world) that is located on site.

On the tenth day you are transported back to the Chiang-Mei airport for your connecting flight to Bangkok to return home.

Fasting Sample Daily Itinery

06:30     Wake up
07:00     Shake
08:30     Herbal Supplements
08:45     Yoga
10:00     Shake, Colon Irrigation/Colema Board
11:30     Herbal Supplements
12:00     Spa Broth, Juice or fresh coconut juice
13:00     Shake
             Spa Massage, Pool, Relaxing
14:30     Herbal Supplements
16:00     Shake
17:30     Herbal Supplements
             Spa Broth, Juice or fresh coconut juice
19:00     Shake
             Relaxing - DVD's, Discussions
20:30     Herbal Supplements
21:30     Probiotic


deluxeroomDeluxe Rooms

We are staying at a luxury secluded Detox Retreat center situated in the foothills of Chiang-Mai, Thailand, a 45 min’s drive from the airport.

The view is breath taking. The air is fresh and clean and it’s rare to hear man-made sounds. Organic fruits and veggies are grown on location and the resort is surrounded by lush tropical jungle with extensive bird and animal life.

Relax Poolside

poolside1Weather is expected to be great, the temperature can go to an average of 32°C (89°F) during the day and a pleasant 23°C (73°F) at night.

Typically the day will dawn sunny and bright but the clouds will begin to gather during the afternoon until the downpour starts in late afternoon or early evening. Thai rainstorms are usually intense but short lived.

The resort is in the foot hills outside of Chiang-Mai, where temperatures are renown for being cooler and pleasant in summer.

Thailand Program - April 25 - May 2, 2013

** Pricing does NOT include airfare, related taxes or other private arrangements or expenses. **

Option 1: 7-Day Fasting Including Detox Supplements 

Single -  $1,570  (5,770 AED)  Spa Value $2,112 (7,757 AED)

Double - $2,704  (9,950 AED)  Spa Value $3,167 (11,634 AED)

Option 2: Spa Raw Food Diet

Single -   $1,200 Single (4,410.75 AED) (Does NOT include raw meals in pricing.) Spa Value $1,585 (5,823 AED)

Double - $1,966 (7,220 AED) ** (Does NOT include raw meals in pricing.) Spa Value $2,114 (7,765 AED)

To Secure your detox place $400 Deposit is required (1,470 AED)


Welcome drink and refreshing towel upon arrival 

Accommodations: Personalized and Private     

Herbal detox supplements. (Option 1 only)

Daily Colema Board and coffee enema preparation. (Option 1 only)

Daily yoga.

Individual monitoring, during and post cleanse support.

Group educational discussions.

Daily DVD discussions on cleanse, nutrition and health.

Health library access.

FREE Wireless internet.

Use of facilities (e.g. pool, spa and nature trails).

◦Laundry service available.

◦A pre-cleanse talk the night before you start, daily assistance.

Daily Herbal Steam Room.

◦Scenic Walks.

Daily Guided Meditations.

Quantum Energy Clearing Session with Amirah – (1) 30 Min Session/per person

** Pricing does NOT include airfare, related taxes or other private arrangements or expenses. OR Return Transportation from Chiang-Mai Airport to Retreat location 

Optional Day Trips – Tours Available


Temple Tour

tiger kingdom

Tiger Kingdom

elephant farm

Elephant Farm

chiang mai market

Chaing Mai Market


Amirah Hall

amirah hall clairvoyant quantum healerAn international leader in Quantum Energy Healing with over 30 years of body-mind-spirit experience. A near-death experience in 1998 super heightened her clairvoyant and healing abilities, helping thousands of clients and businesses worldwide resolve disharmony, dysfunction and dis-ease. She has personally experienced more than a dozen detox programs of various types and has transformed her health completely after receiving a ‘death or wheel-chair’ diagnosis in 1991. Amirah is the author of three books: Amazon #1 Bestseller of Transforming Through 2012, LOVE UP Your LIFE and WAKE UP! Shift Happens. Amirah has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Masters in Metaphysics, is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner.

If you are interested in joining the Detox Tour or for more information, email or call:

Amirah Hall:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile +97150 3521157 or 1-619-618-0326

Email Amirah to reserve your place. Please be reminded that place is limited.

What surprises me most of all in mankind is that men lose their health in order to get money and then they lose that money in order to recover health. At the same time while worrying about the future they forget to live in the present. This way they end up not living in the present or the future. They live as if they are never going to die and they die as if they never have lived” Anon.

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