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Reveal Treasures Within

LOVE UP Your Life - Interview With Amirah

This journey is designed to take you to new heights, new levels of success, draw more abundance into your life, help you accomplish the longing of your heart.

Let your deepest desires and yearnings guide you. Find out how experts on The Longing of Your Heart Telesummit can help you on your way to greater joy, love, happiness, abundance, creativity, health, vitality & self love.

Listen To Amirah's Interview

A portion of the proceeds from this telesummit are donated to, a non-profit that provides goats to returning slaves in Sudan. The goats provide milk and income, and help create cottage industries. The women produce Swovorski Hearts that are for sale on the the website. A friend of mine learned how to make the hearts and taught the women in Sudan how to make them. The non-profit also contributes to building community and to education.


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