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Living With Passion and Abundant Love

Connect to the force that’s truly yours and see how dreams become real! Join host Elena Mannes with gifted, specially chosen speakers and experience the real change you seek! Elena is committed to helping listeners get REAL, lasting results. She has faced her own challenges and has been helped immensely by teachers and resources like Amirah Hall. Her own journey of transformation has shown her what really helps. There's so much joy and fulfillment that's right here for you! Learn amazing tools from Amirah to help shift and dissolve blocks with abundant love, passion and much more.

Listen To Connecting To Light 3 - Love Up Your Life

Listen To Connecting To Light 2 - Live With Your Light On

Here's what listeners said:

Hi Amirah I recently discovered you on U tube and I LOVE your meditations...I was so excited to get to talk to you on Elena's show...I was not feeling particularly positive that day, but I am happy to say something shifted for me that day...I had wanted to talk to you since I discovered you.
Thank you for the work you are doing for all of us.  I am certain it helped everyone who was listening as much as it help me!!!

My sincerest thanks and many,many Blessing.....Roberta

PS:  I look forward to working w/you very soon


Hi Amirah! It was a great call! Incredible the things you said. Thanks!!!!
Just wanted to let you know i have worked a lot with your todos and are having great results. I left my Job this week and i am jumping into the happy zone!!!
Thank you si much for your help.😁

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