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Feeling stuck in an uninspired life?

Ever wake up wondering “Is this all there is”? Are you taking care of everyone else and forget what it feels like to truly feel alive? You’ve come to the right place! It’s time to finally release yourself from this space of frustration, regret and worry and begin to Ignite a Life You Love...The life you were meant to live.

For the past 20 years, the host Gina Hatzis, a journalist and now a speaker, has worked with countless brilliant and fabulous people just like you who have found themselves stuck in lives void of happiness, meaning and passion.

That's why I feel so privileged to particiapte in this special global event where the speakers are hand-picked inspiring thought leaders and experts who will share their empowering messages and tools with you to ignite meaningful and immediate shifts in your life.

Life is precious. Happiness is your birthright. It’s your time. I hope you’ll join us.

Here's What Callers Said:

“Within one month of applying just a few of the practices Amirah teaches, I discovered my ‘passion’ and created my own business that can actively participate in within my own schedule. My relationship with my husband has improved and even though medical experts believed I could only conceive with medical intervention, I was able to complete a full term and deliver a healthy baby boy. Aches and pains in my body disappeared and I have so much more energy. Live With Your LIGHT ON practices are worth their weight in gold… they are the real deal."

Princess M. - Bahrain


“I used to drag myself out of bed in the morning and with no breakfast I went to a job I hated. I would come home after work and dive into bed. I was really stuck and didn’t know how to get unstuck. I lost almost all initiative, motivation and passion in my life. I just couldn’t fix what was wrong. Besides that I was stuck in analysis paralysis and could not make any decisions. I wasn’t looking after myself, was highly stressed, wanted to change my life and knew I was on a journey to somewhere but couldn’t figure it out. My Mentor, Amirah was supportive and exceptionally helpful. Now, I believe in myself. She helped me probe deeply into my heart and my mind, and with her intuitive ability helped me tap into who I am and the direction of my life journey. The tools she gave me will be with me the rest of my life.

Carol S. - San Francisco

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