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VeronicaVIDEO Veronica says, "Hi I'm Veronica from San Diego. I have worked with Amirah for a couple of months, she helped me selling one of my houses in New York, with accuracy that I was amazed. She told me all the details and everything became true and i sold the house immediately after it was on the market for over one year. I took several of her workshops with great success especially "Love Up Your Life" and another one for money and finances. And that worked out really well. And, she also helped my daughter as I was having lots of troubles with her behavior and my daughter had a completely in less 24 hours. I could really see a change in her. She also told me I was going to be a coach, something i kinda laughed at when I heard that. And a few weeks later, less than a month later, I was taking training on How to Be a Coach! It was something I had already paid for and I completely forgot that I had paid for that training. My life has changed so much in the past few months and everything for the better. She also gave me a lot of guidance when I had a lot of pressure and a lot of changes that were very stressful for me. She gave me a lot of confidence that all those changes were for the better. So, I would recommend Amirah to anybody who wants to improve their life. Thank you Amirah."

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