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SuzannaAUDIO Suzanna says, "From the last time we talked I wasn't in a good space when we talked last time. But, when we hung up, about 30 mins later, I felt so much lighter. Things just started changing. Even people around me started changing.

I seem to have ability to have people gravitate towards me -- especially the needy ones and I'm bombarded with them. They always want my company. The funny thing is the way I react to them is different now. I am able now with your help and everything I've been doing with the meditations and the steps in your program, I feel I am able to reserve my energy better and block them even though I'm helping them -- I'm helping myself more by not taking control.

I even learned to even let go a little and I see how it's affected my kids. Whereas before I had control issues. All of a sudden they are doing their homework, getting their own shower, they are calmer and I'm calmer. I feel like I have more time. All of a sudden my ex-husband, when he left me he got into another relationship with a women he brought here from Russia. He just sent her back and was in my house two days ago begging me to take him back.

After the 1st session I noticed some changes but after the 2nd session things started shifting fast. When I shift my attention, my mind in a healthy way, I think easy and calm and positive way. Even my business we aren't marketing much yet, I'm thinking about in a positive way and all of a sudden out of nowhere we got two new customers within a week from each other through Amazon. We didn't do anything and hadn't had sales in a long time. I just said, you just have the right attitude and the right energy it makes you feel empowered."

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