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Audio Georgina says, When I came to see you the last time I was in tears. I’ve been in tears for a long time. I was feeling very sorry for myself over my family. And, what you said to me was true. I was looking for myself because I have family but I don’t have a relationship with them. What I’ve noticed is different is that there’s no tears about my family anymore. It’s not stopped but has subsided. I’ve accepted that the relationship as it is, it’s never going to change.  

Since I’ve lived in Dubai I’ve never driven myself. But because I have a project in Ras Al Khaimah, I hired a car and I managed to get myself there and back on my own. I didn’t have the heebie-jeebies. I just started doing your meditations and they have calmed me down. I found where that piece is within me, go inside youself and something clicked. I don’t know how or why or whatever but something has happened. There’s definitely been a shift. Now I feel I get in the car and go anywhere.

Another strange thing happened this morning. I bought this book twenty years, ago and only started reading it within the last two years when crap was going on. I just opened it today and at the very end she talks about what happens to you when you die.

When I started reading it, immediately my uncle and my mom came into my head and I started crying. I realized they weren’t my tears and I felt as if it was them coming to me to say sorry for what they did to me. Normally when tears come they are my tears cause I’m feeling sorry for myself for all the stuff that happened. I felt it was them and their tears coming through me and I realized these weren’t my tears. It was if my uncle was saying I’m sorry I didn’t listen and do this for you. My mom was saying, OK I screwed up there and I’m sorry. I said to my mother, I accept your apology. Now get on with what you are doing and let me get on with my life.

Yesterday, I did the chakra clearing and magic wand healing tools and I did feel better after. I felt like it did something. I also did the ‘separating energies’. I am so happy.


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