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marie_testimonialAudio Marie Says, "When I spoke to my friend Sonia she said she felt like a revelation. When I talked to her she felt really good from the 1st session but she needed more. I met her last year she was very negative, when I saw her I did not want to talk to her. It’s true. But, when I saw her after she came back her face changed and she looked prettier. I said ‘hi” and she answered for the first time ‘positively’.


In the beginning, whenever I talked to her she was always negative, no matter what. Like some people no matter what you say they say, “ I have a headache”. So, I thought I’m not going to talk to her. But when I saw the change on her face…


She looked prettier, happier …. changed!
I was happy for her because I could see and feel before she was in so much pain. I could not help but I could see and feel it. Often I design bubbles above peoples’ head, like in cartoons and sometimes you can see “don’t talk to me I’m not happy”. You can feel.

Now, she’s changed and she’s much lighter. I could see something changed.

Once it was Ramadan, and her birthday and she invited me and I saw her. She told me she had a major breakdown and I met Madam Amirah and my life changed. I was very happy for her and said “oh really! I want to see her!” She told me she rebalanced her world because she went extreme into something that was new to her even like listening to music that she banned herself from. She was really happy and grateful. The minute she entered the center I knew something has changed.”

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