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poona_testimonial Pauline says, "I have noticed a significant change on the days when I don't do the meditation versus the days when I do. I just know it makes such a huge difference and I'm so happy to feel that. I knew this about meditation before and I was told but it never clicked. But now, I totally feel the difference. I am getting more and more committed to it and I want to spend more time on your website. I just watched this link on your website about The Living Matrix Movie and it was phenomenal. It is amazing.

I'm feeling like another person.  I have so much energy. I feel like I have a buzz. So much is going on and things are lining up. It's like night and day. I have a purpose, I have a goal and feel more aligned. I feel the energies when I do the energy work. When I don't do the energy work, I feel it. It's like night and day." 

Pauline says about her best friend's experience after working with Amirah, "he was depressed for 6 months.  He used to be very active, he loves working and is very good at it. He was going through a rebellious stage, didn't want to work anymore and just wanted to party. In 3 sessions, he's changed back working and loves it."

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