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vanessa_testimonialAUDIO Vanessa says, "There's a lot of differences. I don't feel anxious anymore. Anymore means since a couple of days; the first 3-4 days I was still feeling a little bit anxious. I was feeling anxious for a long time and this feeling was constantly here. Something happened in my job. I spoke with my boss, my general manager the one who is scared of me. You understood he is scared of me. I didn't tell but you told me and its the truth.

I spoke with him last Sunday. I was really comfortable and he told me a lot of stupid things because I asked him for an increase in salary. I was very direct and he immediately told me no and I don't deserve it. I told him 'ok' and stood up and left and for two days he disappeared. The son of the owner, the other one, one month ago he told me I could have an increase and I went to him and asked him why he did this to me. For two days, they just passed by my office looking at me. I just did my work and nothing else. Finally Tuesday evening, the 3rd boss, called me into a meeting at 5pm and made me a proposal. It's not exactly what I was asking but I accepted because I know they made a big effort. Seriously, I told them it wasn't exactly what I was asking but I accepted. they know very well what I want.

Now the situation is calm and they are so kind with me. WOW. If it goes on like this its fine cause we are cooperating in a nice way."

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