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Jimala_testimonialJamila Says, "I'm so excited to tell you my life is becoming so much easier. The last time I came for a session, you told me that I would be getting another job offer. I had already accepted an offer but it didn't really feel right and I would have to drive a long distance to the new job. By chance, I found a person who was in an HR hiring position on Linkedin and sent him a message after our session. The very next day I received a call requesting me to come for an interview from yet another company that he forwarded my resume to. After the interview they told me that I was an exceptional candidate and offered me a prime position for a Presidential Company with better pay than more current job, it is a shorter driving distance to work, and the working hours are less. I'm so excited and wanted to tell you in person to see your face. My mother is so happy for me she was crying. It's really a miracle Amirah.  

You also told me that I would be getting another marriage proposal and I was shocked because a man saw me at the Job Fair and got my phone number. He called me to say he was proposing to me and his mother would call. You told me he was a 'frog' and he is. By this I mean, he is from a family that is not open and I don't think we are a good match. This to me is another miracle how he came from nowhere and proposed to me.

In one of our last sessions, I told you I desperately wanted a new car. You set the energy for this new car and I remember you energetically downloaded it for me. One day I was shopping with my sister at the mall and a man started messaging my sister. Then I answered her phone and started talking with him. Out of the blue, he said he had a car  to sell and it was the EXACT car I was looking at. That particular car requires a 9 month pre-order and his order arrived but he did not want it now. He sold it to me for the exact price he paid from the dealer with no interest or additional charges because it is a very popular model.

Amirah my friends notice I have become different. I am more confident, relaxed and positive. I feel pretty and the new rule for my life is that if anyone wants to leave my life they are free to go. I am not worried. I feel like a completely different person after just 7 sessions. This is the biggest miracle of all. When I first came to you several months ago all I did was cry all day for my old boyfriend. Now, I told my mother I am not ready to marry because I want to enjoy my life. I'm only 24 years old and have plenty of time ahead of me for this. I know I am pretty and it is not a problem to bring to right person to me. For this I owe you Amirah. You have done all this for me. Thank you thank you thank you Amirah."

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