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about amirah hall 350x409Quantum Energy Master Healer, Speaker, Author.

Bridging The Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Amirah Hall is a highly acclaimed and gifted international, best-selling author, speaker, intuitive channel, spiritual counselor and founder of Miracle Mastery Mentoring.™ Amirah reads quantum soul codes and teaches how to access the Quantum Energy Field (also known as the Zero Point Field in Quantum Physics) and live in the flow and brilliance of your soul gifts, strengths and purpose in this world.

She embraces innovative vibrational technology with her Heaven on Earth programs, allowing deep and profound transformation in the easiest and most subtle, yet powerful way.

Her three books: WAKE UP Shift Happens, LOVE UP Your Life – 10 Quick & Easy Steps Using Science of Attraction Principles and Manifesting Miracles 101 – The Art of Being in The Flow serve as the foundation of her unique and powerful work. Amirah has helped tens of thousands for over twenty years including members of the Royal Family in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, inspiring the revelation of each person’s inherent spiritual wealth to flourish.

As a master of intuitive connection who uses Quantum Energy Tools revealed to her in her Near Death Experience, Amirah’s powerful teachings bridge the soulful and heart-centered self to the vibrant, joyful expression of life – allowing your destiny to be seen and fulfilled.

She is known as “The Miracle Mentor” and provides in-depth intuitive counseling and for individuals who want profound and dramatic transformation.   

Amirah has a B.A. in Business Administration and a MSc in Metaphysics. She is a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, certified Professional Clairvoyant and Reiki Master.

She guides you to come alive to the power of your magnificent self and manifest your dreams efforlessly. Amirah presents Miracle Mastery Mentoring, LOVE UP Your Life and Live With Your Light On workshops, book events, and teleclasses. She is also well known for her Clairvoyant Training classes and international detox and spiritual travel retreats. 

Featured on numerous TV and radio shows across the United States and overseas, she travels across the US and works internationally with clients both in person and on the telephone. She is the host of Lessons From The Light Radio. Amirah resides in Dubai, UAE and San Diego, CA.

Learn more about Amirah Hall here, "Stepping Off Death's Doorstep"

If you are interested in how Amirah can benefit your unique situation, Schedule a Complimentary Session. She most definitely be able to better assess your situation and give you some clarity on moving forward in your own life. 


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about amirah hall 350x409 Quantum Energy Master Healer, Speaker, Author. Bridging The Gap Between...

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