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Massive Shifts Are Happening

Stay Grounded, Be Present

So many people are going through many challenging situations. Many things you once considered permanent in your life are dissolving. Relationships are endings. Jobs are ending. Life as you know it is ending. And, something greater is emerging. There is a SHIFT happening. The power of love is building as we are NOT physical beings.

New Spiritual Experiences

Many people are having new spiritual experiences and they don’t know what they are; they have nothing to relate it with. You may realize you are more than your body or feeling like you are more out of your body with no fear but a complete sense of peace. You are spiritually manifesting light. It’s not just a dream. It’s happening.

Be Aware of The Present Moment

With challenges and changes everywhere, the biggest challenge may in fact be to stay in the moment and be totally aware of it. The cause of pain is because one is not present. These shifting times offer you tremendous potential for opportunities of richer life experiences.

Awakening Other Parts Of You

Awakening latent parts of you are occuring. You are becoming aware of your expanded self as you separate from your problems, what you do, your body and become one with the Universe. Welcome to a new world. What is happening to you is an Awakening. The greatest thing that can happen to any human. Even in the darkness, be patient as the bright light emerges within.

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