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healing-relationshipsEvery Relationship is Energy

Use Energy Tools To Heal Your Relationships

Our life long journey includes developing relationships with other people—parents, siblings, other family members, friends, peers, teachers, partners and romantic relationships. Since every relationship is energy, your energy system determines the quality, type of interactions and clarity of communication you have with others.

 Energy tools are effective in healing, creating and nurturing successful relationships in your life.

Attract LOVE and Healthy Relationships Masterclass 

Everyone is Energy

Everyone is made of energy and every relationship is a special blend of energies between people. The relationships you attract into your life are here to teach you about yourself and assist with your spiritual growth. As much as you may dislike when your relationships are in dis-harmony, it is this very imbalance that gives us an opportunity to heal an aspect of yourself. Imagine your energy as a multi-layered radiant energy bubble, within and around your body. This energy runs through channels throughout your body and seven major energy centers or chakras located at various spots on your body. According to ancient teachings and modern scientific research, your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual growth is affected by the amount of free flowing energies throughout your ‘being’.

 on-demand-tvInteracting Energy Fields

Consider your own unique energy field is continually interacting with others and your environment. Think of yourself as a TV capable of broadcasting and receiving various frequencies. Some people receive the basic stations and others have cable or satellite capabilities. Depending on the ‘equipment’ you have installed you can receive and broadcast within certain bandwidths. Some of your reception is crystal clear while others are garbled or nonexistent. The quality of your receptivity depends on the ‘basic equipment installed’ and its condition. Having great basic equipment in good condition doesn’t always mean you know how to access all its capabilities.

Energy is Fluid, Flexible and Ever Changing

Your own energy system determines the quality, type of interactions and clarity of communication you have with others. Since this system is a fluid, flexible and ever changing, you can change the clarity and strength of incoming and outgoing broadcasts through understanding, operating and managing your ‘equipment’ effectively.

Out of Sync

Energetically, you unconsciously seek harmony with those in ‘your’ energetic space. You may have heard someone say, “we just don’t vibe” or “we aren’t on the same wave length”. If someone is too far out of your range you can feel misunderstood, not connecting or feel like you are talking to a brick wall. When your energetic vibration is very far apart from someone, it may be difficult or impossible to communicate with them. If someone’s energy field is stronger than yours, it will influence or dominate you. The stronger field may not necessarily be the healthier field, just more intense and none-the-less not in harmony. We have all had the experience of being ‘brought down’ or up by our contact with another person.

harmonizing-energy-fieldsHarmonizing Energy Fields

When two people are communicating well, one person’s energy field positively affects the other, building their respective energies. They can feel at ease with a sense of expansion and pleasure. When vibrations that you do not like come into your range you can feel uncomfortable and feel a sense of resentment towards that person. Some people’s energy fields can feel harsh and feels like a high pitched screeching interference. This may appear as dislike, fear, disgust, or simply unpleasantness. Read about Setting Healthy Boundaries Essential Energy Tool #4 and purchase meditation for separating from other people’s energy.  

People who do not like each other may endeavor to avoid interaction or exchanging energies. Growing friction between two people soon develops what feels like a high voltage gaps. The result may be a lashing out like zaps of lightening in an attempt to discharge or release. If you do not consciously take charge of a dynamic in your life, it will eventually find the way to restored balance. Unfortunately this may not always be the means, method or type of solution you prefer --hence the need for consciousness!

Healing Love Energy 

When people are in love, they exchange large amounts of positive energy and have strong energy cords connecting them. It is pleasant to be around them because they send out large amounts of high vibration love energy. Even if someone is secretly involved with someone else, trying not to be obvious, others in their environment will sense the positive energy. The ‘secret’ may not so secret!

energy-cordEnergetic Cords of Attachment

In addition to influencing others’ energy fields, we also send lines or cords of energy toward each other attaching them at various energy centers. Have you ever experienced having a mental connection with one person so that when you thought of them they would call? Or maybe you have strictly an emotional or physical attraction to someone. The most rewarding and complete flow of energy between people is one that has a complete experience of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rapport.

Linda’s Relationship Challenges

A recent client, Linda shared her relationship challenges with her brother and father since recently joining the family business. Staff members resisted to her working in the office and her brother and father were noticeably hostile and controlling towards her. Despite her every effort to be extra friendly and calm their fears regarding her new role in the business, she felt growing frustration and self doubt with her job and skills. Her new job was miserable making life at home and work painful. Linda’s request from me was for assistance in setting the energy fields so that her defiant brother would leave the office and her father and the office staff would accept and support her at work.

When looking at these energies, using the Essential Energy Tool #4, I simply imagined two icons like file folders on my computer’s desktop. Starting with Linda and her brother, Don. I visualized one file representing Linda and one for Don. Like file sharing or synchronizing on the computer, I imagined taking all of Don’s energy that is inside Linda’s folder and dragged it into his folder. Then I took Linda’s energy from Don’s folder and dragged it inside her folder. Like working on my computer, I imagined deleting any cords or attachments between the two folders.

After completing the file syncing, I dropped a golden sun filled with gratitude and love for the lessons learned inside each folder. This provides instant healing for Linda and Don’s relationship. Result: SUCCESS! Don announced his departure from daily involvement of the family business. I repeated the same synchronizing with her father and with the office staff grouped into one folder for the purpose of simplicity. Result: SUCCESS! Another staff member resigned and will hire another person more suitable for the job. Her father, at the time of this blog post, is still in process but I expect a welcomed surprise any minute. (I'm secretly visualizing a nice salary announcemnt for Linda .)

healthyboundariesSetting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Becoming aware of your own energetic space is a healthy first step in having healthy relationships. Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries with another person means that each of your energies remains distinct. Since your energy is created for your body, when other people’s energy intermingles with yours, or vice-versa, it feels uncomfortable to the body. You lose focus and clarity about what is important to you. Imagine for a moment, you are a PC and your friend is a MAC. PC software doesn't work with a MAC or vice-versa because they are completely different systems. The same is true with your energy and another person's energy. It doesn't matter whether you like or dislike them, their energy is different and doesn't belong in your energy space. When somone else's energy remains in your energy field, it will make you sick on some level.

When you establish an energetic boundary for yourself to stay within it, you are much more likely to stay in the present moment. Additionally, others will stay out of your energetic space and you will experience healthier relations with them.

Relationship Healing Process

1. Identify the person(s) to resolve energetic balances. When multiple persons are involved it is best to work with two at a time. Ie. Person A and Person B

2. Find a quiet time, place where you can focus your intentions for healing your relationship.

3. In the theater of your mind, imagine a symbol that represents each person. (a rose, icon, file folder on desk top, doll, crystal) Using similar symbols makes it easier to be neutral and have a point of reference. 

4. Imagine one symbol A representing YOU and another symbol B representing the other person in the relationship requiring healing.

5. Like with flie syncronizing, visualize Person A's energy returned to their symbol from Person B's symbol.

6. Like with symbol A, begin sending Person B's energy back from Person A's symbol.

7. Delete any/all cords or attachments between the symbols.

8. Imagine a golden ball of light filled with gratitude and love and drop into each Symbol A & Symbol B.

9. Allow symbols to dissolve. 

10. Replenish yourself with golden light. See Essential Energy Tool #3

The bottom line is that there is an energetic reality to our interactions and attractions. If we learn to understand and managed these energies consciously, we could significantly improve our communications at work and at home, as well as improve our health and well being! Have fun healing the relationships in your life. 

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