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butterfly daisy1Energy is Always Moving and Changing  

Daily Energy Cleansing Restores Equilibrium

Energy is always moving, always changing. As an energetic being or Being of Light, what you were yesterday does not match what you are today. Tomorrow you will not be the same as today. Like an ever-living mythical butterfly, you are  constantly morphing into higher and higher conscious awareness and remembering that which you are--ENERGY.

Essentially, you are a spiritual being in a physical body learning and remembering about your core essence. This evolutionary process brings with it a daily requirement of clearing and releasing of the outmoded programing and belief systems that no longer apply or support your highest good. Daily clearing and releasing energy debris is necessary to maintain equilibrium during this rapid, ever-changing process. Just like your physical body, your energetic body require daily cleaning and maintenance.

energy bubbleYour Energetic Body

Imagine your energetic body as a large invisible egg-shaped energy field extending though and surrounding your physical body extending approximately nine feet across. This energy mass, or your aura is also filled with many colored energy bands representing a collection of your experiences. Like a computer software program, your aura stores history of all your thoughts, feelings, experiences and situations.

Energetic Debris

Realizing that your energy field is this large, you may better comprehend how everything you interact with or pass will connect with your energy field as everything is energy based. Everything that your energy field touches communicates with the other’s energy field and leaves debris that does not belong to you or vice-versa. Imagine you are a PC and other people are Macs. Other people's energy or software will not work in your system, and vise-versa. It shuts your system down, runs viruses and corrupts your system.

energy debrisClearing Foreign Energy

This debris or foreign energy from other people and situations can be cleared by imagining a giant vacuum cleaner sucking out thought forms, stored emotions and pain. This cleaning process is one of the ways you can assist yourselves in staying centered and balanced. It is important to understand that this debris is constantly communicating within your energy fields, regardless of who or where the debris comes from. You cannot ever completely block this natural flow of energy but you can practice setting healthy energetic boundaries Essential Energy Tool #4. TIP: Practice this and the other tools regularly and you will re-shape how you feel. (I can't emphasize the importance of these tools... I don't live a day without doing them. And, you should too! Considering the rapid changes in the world around us, someone needs to stay 'sane and grounded'. LOL)

Symptoms of Toxic Energy

Some of the symptoms you might recognize when you are bogged down with energetic debris are feelings of being: bored, apathetictired, emotional, lack of focus, overwhelm, anger, explosive, irritable, unbalanced, disoriented, disturbed sleep, depressed and/or exhausted all the time. Try clearing that debris stuff and see if that doesn’t perk you up.

Re-Aligning With Original Signature Energy

Each person has their own special energy pattern or energy signature that existed before their human body took form. This energy pattern proceeds your body and expands as it merges back with the original essence of YOU after your physical transition into your LIFE BETWEEN LIFETIMES and back to SOURCE.
Consider that you are like an ever flowing river, constantly “becoming” much grander than you can imagine. Moment by moment you are changing and growing.

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