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self-responsibiityCreating Calm Inside Chaos

Healing Hyper-Sensitivity, Overwhelm and Agitation

If you are feeling extra sensitive lately--You are not alone! A energy wave is increasing sensitivity with everyone and everything. People who are normally sensitive are noticing heightened sensitivity. Others who are not normally sensitive are over-reactive or rattled in strange ways too.

Have you noticed you or others are:

  • driving more aggressively
  • honking horns with increased impatience
  • boiling over with small disturbances like spilled milk, wrong numbers or delayed deliveries
  • behaving strange and you respond inkind
  • responding to your pets harshly
  • angry and frustrated with cancellations and delays
  • agitated with unreasonable requests, surprise visitors or detours

CalmIt is really hard to imagine these cosmic changes are heralding in ‘divine love’ with what appears at uber chaos. This time of chaos, frustration and agitation in truth, gives you the opportunity to cultivate love within. Getting to that place of stillness is easier said than done.

This is where your self-development, energy training and wisdom are applied. Applying what you have learned over time becomes your own resource for stability.

You know you can ‘choose’ to respond differently to any situation. Additionally, you can apply one of the energy tools to affect a different outcome of either your response or that of another person.

This means that you have the skill to respond differently than the average person, able to show others a more reasonable way to be.

Tips for Cultivating Calm Inside Chaos

Update Your View of Time

Let go of being ‘fixed’ to the clock. Within the realm of spirit, there is no such thing as time as we know it. Everything is ‘divine time’. It is fluid, flexible and flows.  
Be More Flexible  

Honor yourself and others as we progress together in this global shift of consciousness and awakening. If you adopt a flexible approach this will flow so much easier.  

Connect With Subtle Messages

Being on a spiritual path, you probably already find yourself looking beyond surface appearances. When your nervous system is overloaded already and you are blaming outer conditions, this can max you out, taking more effort in allowing your mind to connect with subtle messages.

Change How You Respond

Since you are interconnected with everyone and everything, allow yourself to move in the world with this awareness. Apply your intuition, reason, and allowance as you interact in your world.

Tune in with your intuition before you call someone. Consider how your energy is affecting, insisting or creating needless walls with others around you. Are you setting the energy around you or are you matching something else outside of you? Realize at any moment your thoughts and energy tools can bring you into harmony or discord.  

Choose With Care  
With every thought you impact yourself and others. Walk gently, breathe deeply, and remember to be kind to all beings - including you. Get grounded. Walk with care. Moving with intention, clarity and awareness, you notice the rocks on the road before you step on them.  

revisit_life_purposeRevisit Your Life Purpose

Having a higher perspective about your life keeps the small stuff ‘small’. It remains less important allowing you to focus on what is your primary importance.   
Becoming skilled in applying a spiritual focus to all things, a newer or heightened sense of clarity and calm within chaos emerges. Peace.

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